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With Q3 2023 coming to a close Brandon Thurston, Jesse Collings, and Chris Gullo look at TV ratings and attendance metrics for WWE, AEW, and more.

0:00 Intro

5:23 NBA TV rights discussion and impact on Raw and AEW rights deals

9:14 Long-term TV ratings trends for WWE, AEW, WOW, Impact, New Japan

27:06 Long-term live events trends for WWE and AEW

35:40 Sentiment for WWE and AEW, looking at our original Net Promoter Score study as well as Cagematch.net event ratings

49:18 Long-term live events trends for top Japanese companies

54:16 Google Trends for CMLL and AAA

59:17 WWE and ABEMA announce a new TV deal. What does it mean for NOAH and New Japan?

1:21:46 AEW All In attendance obsession

1:29:40 WWE-Panini lawsuit update

1:34:40 The highest-rated matches on Cagematch.net YTD


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