Wrestlenomics is the premiere source for business analysis of the pro-wrestling industry. The brand was originally founded by Chris “Mookie” Harrington (@mookieghana) in 2013.

Brandon Thurston, the foremost independent expert in professional wrestling business, manages this website and hosts the Wrestlenomics Radio podcast.

Wrestlenomics Radio is available for free on all major podcast platforms. The podcast focuses on economics, finance, law, and more, through the unlikely lens of professional wrestling. The program is distributed as part of the Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network.

Chris started the podcast in 2013, but its roots trace back as early 2005, when Chris produced the Indeed Wrestling podcast. Concurrently, he wrote about wrestling business on his influential Indeed Wrestling blog and for other wrestling media.

Chris and Brandon co-hosted Wrestlenomics Radio for the full years of 2017 and 2018. In early 2019, Chris stepped away from co-hosting to work for All Elite Wrestling as Vice President of Business Strategy.

Brandon continues to study the industry independently.

Wrestlenomics.com today hosts some of Brandon’s written analysis and is a convenient resource of records and links related to the industry. We hope this website will be used by researchers, historians, reporters and fans to better understand the industry.

Our work has been sourced by publications like The Wall Street Journal, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, The Wrap, New York Daily News, Vice, The Ringer, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, Bleacher Report, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and many others.

Research firms occasionally work with Brandon to provide consultations to WWE investors. He also provides consulting to job candidates, start-ups and active wrestling companies, including IWTV. In 2018, he helped Chris with some of the business planning research for AEW, before the company’s launch.

In 2020, Brandon self-published a detailed report on the wrestling industry, consisting of trends in key metrics and finances for major companies, as well as written opinions and insights. The success of the report led to it being translated into Japanese.

Financial analysts, reporters, and decision-makers with other wrestling companies frequently seek out Brandon to better understand WWE’s business and the industry overall.

Brandon is also a pro wrestling trainer and works as a wrestler for a variety of independent wrestling promotions.

Feedback, contributions, and consulting or media inquiries can be sent to Brandon at brandon@wrestlenomics.com.