Elo 500: A data-driven approach to rank 15,000+ wrestlers from 2020

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Since 1991, the PWI 500 has ranked professional wrestlers based on activity (win-loss record, championships won, major feuds, and success against diverse competition), technical ability, and influence. A number of critiques1,2 have been raised regarding the subjective nature of PWI’s rankings including the underrepresentation of wrestlers from non-North American countries , women, LGBTQ wrestlers and wrestlers of color. Among wrestlers in the top 100 of 2020’s version of the PWI 500, only two are women and fifteen wrestlers are from Japanese promotions.

This article highlights an unbiased measure of activity by calculating Elo ratings for each of the 15,482 wrestlers who had matches in 2020. The Elo rating system, originally created to rate chess players, has been applied to board games, video games, and college athletics for playoff ranking purposes. It has even been utilized by Chris Harrington on WWE wrestlers competing from 1970 to 2012.

An overview of Elo

Elo ratings are a reflection of prior performance and also account for success (or lack thereof) against the quality of competition. For a given match, the Elo ratings of each wrestler are used to predict the outcome of the match. The Elo ratings are adjusted upward for the winner and downward for the loser to better reflect each wrestler’s “true” rating. The Elo algorithm is an example of a zero-sum game (i.e., one wrestler’s gain is equivalent to another’s loss so that the net change is zero).

Relatively speaking, the wrestler with the higher rating is expected to have a greater likelihood of winning the match. But on the occasion that a higher rated wrestler loses to a lower rated wrestler, this is an unexpected outcome and evidence that the original ratings were quite inaccurate. As a result, a greater number of rating points will be exchanged to correct that error. This correction will better reflect each wrestler’s “true” rating for future matches. If a wrestler were to only defeat low-rated wrestlers, their Elo would not increase as rapidly compared to a wrestler who competed against, and defeated, high rated wrestlers. 

Methodology for 2020 Elo rankings

With this analysis, every wrestler started with an Elo rating of 1600. The K-value, which determines the exchange of rating points per match, was set at 8. Each of the 32,984 match results from 5,966 events held in 2020 was collected from cagematch.net and sequentially ran through the Elo algorithm (matches from wrestlingdata.com were also explored but contain nearly 1/3 fewer matches relative to cagematch.net). For multi-person matches, the average of the teammates’ Elo rating was used against the average of the opposing team in the algorithm. A total of 15,482 wrestlers had at least one match in 2020. A cutoff of 10 matches was used in order to be considered for the Elo 500. Wrestlers with multiple gimmicks were collapsed so that their Elo rating would accumulate based on the individual and not their unique gimmicks. 

A potential limitation in utilizing the Elo algorithm to rank wrestlers is that a number of popular wrestlers had poor win-loss records. As a result, wrestlers like Hiroshi Tanahashi, EVIL, Daniel Bryan, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Sammy Guevara do not appear in the Elo 500. Given the scripted nature of professional wrestling, this is not unexpected since there must be losers as well as winners. However, ranking wrestlers based on Elo is a reflection of accumulated success over the course of a year. By integrating additional criteria like championships won and major feuds like what is done in the PWI 500, a poor Elo rating may be ameliorated. This is an avenue to examine in the future in order to make the Elo rankings have better face validity. 

The Elo 500 is not strictly a ranking of winning percentage. As can be seen from the graph below, wrestlers with a perfect record are not necessarily ranked the highest. Elo ratings are dependent on success against opponents with strong Elo ratings themselves. For instance, the one wrestler who had a sub-.500 record (Taichi from New Japan Pro Wrestling) was able to amass enough quality wins to gain a place in the Elo 500. For that reason, Elo is an improvement over just win-loss records.

Elo 500 results

Wrestlers in the Elo 500 competed in 485 different promotions throughout 2020. The vast majority (20.4%) wrestled for only one company. Warhorse competed for the greatest number of promotions, 27. Considering only a wrestler’s most frequent promotion, the greatest number of wrestlers came from All Elite Wrestling (42), WWE (41), NJPW (19), CMLL (17), DDT (17), BJW (16), Pro Wrestling NOAH (16), AJPW (15), and Dragon Gate (15). 

According to Elo ratings, the top wrestler from 2020 is Drew McIntyre, the current WWE Champion, followed by Syuri, the current SWA Women’s World Champion in Stardom, and Heavy Metal, Real Canadian Wrestling’s current Canadian Heavyweight Champion. Will Ospreay, SANADA, Shingo Takagi, Jon Moxley, and Roman Reigns had the next highest Elo ratings at year’s end. Saka Akai from DDT and Tsukushi Haruka from Ice Ribbon round out the top 10. The entire Elo 500 list can be found below, including win-loss records, the most frequently wrestled-in promotion, and the number of promotions wrestled for.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Elo algorithm is that the odds of future matches can be calculated between wrestlers using the following equation:

For instance based on the 2020 Elo ratings, if former Shield teammates Jon Moxley (Elo=1770.99) and Roman Reigns (Elo=1763.82) were to have a match, the likelihood of Jon Moxley winning would be 51.03%, essentially, a toss-up. On the other hand, if Kenny Omega (Elo=1744.58) were to wrestle Kota Ibushi (Elo=1650.97), the likelihood of Kenny Omega winning would be 63.15%. Since all four have had additional matches, their overall Elo ratings would change and so would the likelihoods.

In conclusion, this analysis of 2020’s wrestling matches attempts to provide an unbiased ranking as an improvement to the PWI 500. While there are limitations inherent in utilizing Elo for such a ranking, the interpretation is straightforward and treats wrestlers evenly and fairly across all promotions without any subjective bias; the only critical factor is wins against strong competition. Much like the concept of star ratings for wrestling matches, it is hoped that this will spur interest and discussion about wrestlers from across the world.

Elo 500 RankNameEnd of 2020 Elo2020 W-L-D Record# of promotionsPromotion most frequently wrestled in
1Drew McIntyre1794.1747-5-21WWE
3Heavy Metal1791.5643-6-03Real Canadian Wrestling
4Will Ospreay1777.9542-10-04NJPW
6Shingo Takagi1771.1165-22-22NJPW
7Jon Moxley1770.9929-2-04AEW
8Roman Reigns1763.8229-2-11WWE
9Saki Akai1759.7152-15-19DDT
10Tsukushi Haruka1759.4784-37-512Ice Ribbon
11Kazusada Higuchi1759.4659-20-32DDT
14Taishi Takizawa1754.4643-16-172AW
15Hiromu Takahashi1752.2551-21-11NJPW
16Tetsuya Endo1747.3355-24-25DDT
17Kenny Omega1744.5828-5-13AEW
18Yuka Sakazaki1737.8333-11-35Tokyo Joshi Pro
19Go Shiozaki1737.6743-18-11Pro Wrestling NOAH
20Koji Iwamoto1736.4141-15-32AJPW
21Tsukasa Fujimoto1735.6267-34-78Ice Ribbon
22Tetsuya Naito1733.8953-25-11NJPW
23Chris Dickinson1733.7336-14-018GCW
24Kengo Mashimo1732.2133-14-2122AW
25Isami Kodaka1731.7553-29-314Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
26Hikaru Shida1729.9424-4-01AEW
30Bobby Lashley1728.0334-18-01WWE
31Dragon Dia1726.9462-32-51Dragon Gate
32Yukio Sakaguchi1726.8847-15-22DDT
33Ayato Yoshida1726.4148-28-2112AW
34Jaguar Yokota1726.1024-4-16Diana
35Fuminori Abe1724.7377-52-1220Pro Wrestling BASARA
36Daichi Hashimoto1724.1356-34-17Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
37Aja Kong1723.5826-6-09OZ Academy
38KAZMA SAKAMOTO1723.2842-23-26Dragon Gate
39Cody Rhodes1722.8726-6-22AEW
40Naruki Doi1721.4862-35-21Dragon Gate
41Amber Nova1721.4721-2-06I Believe In Wrestling
42Rika Tatsumi1721.0132-13-23Tokyo Joshi Pro
43Ram Kaicho1720.8454-23-106Ice Ribbon
44Jason Lee1720.6757-35-71Dragon Gate
45Masato Yoshino1719.2055-29-21Dragon Gate
46Rui Hiugaji1716.9524-5-11Michinoku Pro Wrestling
47Pete Dunne1716.8224-3-01WWE
48Tamura Hayato1716.5221-5-16JUST TAP OUT
49Tsutomu Oosugi1715.8537-15-49Pro Wrestling BASARA
50Tank Nagai1715.6339-19-082AW
51Deon James1715.5921-2-14I Believe In Wrestling
53Kaito Ishida1714.9456-47-41Dragon Gate
54Dustin Jackson1713.8326-8-11OVW
55Ryuji Ito1711.9352-30-07Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
56Becky Lynch1711.6317-0-01WWE
57Brett Ison1711.3134-11-38Resolute Wrestling
58Yusuke Kodama1711.0842-20-09AJPW
62El Lindaman1709.5951-30-119DDT
64Gisele Shaw1708.8023-7-010Revolution Pro Wrestling 
66Maya Yukihi1708.4260-36-610Ice Ribbon
67Ryota Hama1708.2929-12-05Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
68Violento Jack1707.1822-6-05Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
69Shuji Kondo1707.0640-19-33Dragon Gate
70Nyla Rose1707.0421-4-03AEW
71Warhorse1706.3028-9-227Black Label Pro
72Jungle Boy1706.0134-16-12AEW
73Tommaso Ciampa1704.9123-5-11WWE
74Masato Tanaka1704.7543-22-314Pro Wrestling ZERO1
75YAMATO1704.3266-35-61Dragon Gate
76Sky de Lacrimosa1703.7125-10-02Metroplex Wrestling
77Austin Gunn1703.2217-1-01AEW
78Angelo Dawkins1703.1229-12-11WWE
79Matt Riddle1703.0438-12-01WWE
80Bray Wyatt1702.8622-4-11WWE
81Nick Jackson1702.4423-7-12AEW
82Moose1701.3021-5-03Impact Wrestling
83Shun Skywalker1700.6434-20-410Dragon Gate
84Stu Grayson1700.5421-5-13AEW
85Jake Lee1699.6141-23-24AJPW
86Brian Cage1699.5123-7-09AEW
87Shuji Ishikawa1699.3141-22-25AJPW
88Susumu Yokosuka1699.0459-40-24Dragon Gate
89Aleister Black1698.3733-11-01WWE
90Yuji Okabayashi1698.2458-45-313Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
91Takashi Sugiura1698.1240-25-36Pro Wrestling NOAH
92Strong Machine J1697.4028-10-01Dragon Gate
93Nagisa Nozaki1697.1123-7-144Pro Wrestling WAVE
94Braun Strowman1696.1126-8-11WWE
95Matt Jackson1695.7223-8-12AEW
96Santos Escobar1695.4619-4-01WWE
97Emi Sakura1695.3056-28-65Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling
98Yuko Miyamoto1695.2379-50-815Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
99Rhino1694.4530-12-116Impact Wrestling
100Justin Kyle1693.6625-10-011New Wave Pro Wrestling 
101Keith Lee1693.6234-15-21WWE
102Brandon Tate1693.5518-4-11OVW
103Adam Page1693.4722-7-12AEW
104John Wayne Murdoch1693.4628-13-215ICW No Holds Barred
107Satoshi Kojima1693.0839-19-01NJPW
108CIMA1691.6032-21-020Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
109El Desperado1690.6247-34-02NJPW
110Shigehiro Irie1689.9656-40-322AJPW
111Soma Takao1689.9249-26-14DDT
112Marko Estrada1689.8818-4-04North Shore Pro Wrestling
113Yuki Aino1689.4232-17-03Tokyo Joshi Pro
114Kaito Kiyomiya1689.3142-28-21Pro Wrestling NOAH
115Karrion Kross1689.0816-3-19WWE
116Utami Hayashishita1688.2232-19-72Stardom
117Mad Dog Maxx1688.2113-0-23Pro Wrestling Live 
118Moeka Haruhi1687.0025-12-24PURE-J
120Yuji Hino1686.5429-13-38Pro Wrestling ZERO1
121Taiji Ishimori1684.6934-20-01NJPW
123Toru Sugiura1683.7423-10-18Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
124Kota Minoura1683.6249-32-91Dragon Gate
125Suzu Suzuki1683.5559-43-99Ice Ribbon
126Montez Ford1683.4728-13-21WWE
127Dallas Troy1682.8317-5-12Resolute Wrestling
128Sanshiro Takagi1682.4318-5-21DDT
129Yuu1682.1941-27-513Pro Wrestling WAVE
130Dr. Wagner Jr.1681.9719-7-013Freelance Shows (Mexico)
131Christian Rose1681.8616-4-05ZOWA Live
132Brent Tate1681.8616-4-01OVW
134Mammoth Sasaki1681.5018-6-04Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
135Maika Ozaki1681.2454-32-57Ice Ribbon
136Ryota Nakatsu1680.9627-15-18Pro Wrestling BASARA
138SAKI1680.7931-16-610Actwres girl’Z
139Dave Segan1680.6015-3-03Metroplex Wrestling
140Keisuke Okuda1680.5259-40-41Dragon Gate
141Katsuhiko Nakajima1680.3341-23-12Pro Wrestling NOAH
142Dustin Rhodes1680.0818-7-01AEW
143AJ Gray1679.8626-13-014GCW
144Candice LeRae1679.8521-9-11WWE
145Derek Neal1679.8217-4-03New South Pro Wrestling
146Naoki Tanizaki1679.5124-13-110Dove Pro Wrestling
147Dominic Garrini1679.4933-17-020Paradigm Pro Wrestling
148Jinsei Shinzaki1679.3716-4-17Michinoku Pro Wrestling
149Kylie Rae1679.0524-10-017Impact Wrestling
150Charlotte Flair1678.3523-11-01WWE
151Kevin Owens1677.9028-16-11WWE
152Naomichi Marufuji1677.8537-24-14Pro Wrestling NOAH
153Joshua O’Hagan1677.8013-2-01Victory Championship Wrestling
154LA Park1677.2118-6-010AAA
155Eric Johnson1677.1912-1-01Limitless Wrestling
156Lance Archer1677.1021-9-05AEW
157Big Mike1676.7617-5-010IWRG
158Daisuke Sasaki1676.7544-22-42DDT
159Jonathan Gresham1676.7314-3-25Ring Of Honor
160Ricky Starks1676.3922-10-14AEW
161Guerrero Maya Jr.1675.6921-9-15CMLL
162Hideyoshi Kamitani1674.7951-39-08Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
163David Starr1674.7719-7-016Revolution Pro Wrestling 
164Yasu Kubota1674.1844-27-09Sportiva Entertainment
165Kuma Arashi1674.0536-22-07AJPW
166Jon Davis1673.1411-1-07Punk Pro Wrestling
167Randy Orton1673.0216-10-21WWE
168Chuck Taylor1672.8325-13-02AEW
169Thunder Rosa1672.5219-6-111AEW
170Big Swole1672.3817-7-05AEW
171Marius Al-Ani1672.1923-12-09wXw
172Sick Boy1672.0314-3-26Lucha Time
173Chris Brookes1671.7666-49-713DDT
174Daisuke Sekimoto1671.7247-35-211Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
175Ricky Marvin1671.4018-6-012Freelance Shows (Mexico)
177Stockade1671.1418-7-15H20 Wrestling
178Hanako Nakamori1671.1126-17-76PURE-J
179Big Chico Che1670.9920-8-09IWRG
180Ultimo Guerrero1670.8228-19-07CMLL
181Alan Lee Travis1670.5412-2-02LDN Wrestling
184Andy Header1670.0313-3-04OutBreak Wrestling
185Austin Towers1669.9826-14-17Pro South Wrestling
186Takashi Sasaki1669.9724-13-110Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
187Giant Orion1669.7216-5-43Real Canadian Wrestling
188Riddick Moss1669.4011-1-01WWE
189KOTA1669.3627-17-11Real Canadian Wrestling
190Caleb Courageous1669.2517-6-02Resolute Wrestling
191Ricky Awesome1668.9912-2-01Italian Wrestling Association
193Keiji Muto1667.7412-3-02Pro Wrestling NOAH
194Risa Sera1667.7343-36-118Ice Ribbon
195Yasufumi Nakanoue1667.5648-38-08Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
196Chris Jericho1667.5518-8-12AEW
197Wesley Crane1667.5322-11-06Metroplex Wrestling
198Evil Uno1667.3419-8-14AEW
199Penta El Zero M1667.3224-14-04AEW
200Hiroyo Matsumoto1667.3030-16-811SEAdLINNNG
201Kunio Toshima1667.0625-14-162AW
203Johnny Gargano1667.0119-8-11WWE
204Rhea Ripley1666.8223-9-11WWE
205Shinya Ishida1666.7330-22-17Sportiva Entertainment
206Daisuke Harada1666.5736-22-81Pro Wrestling NOAH
207Cara Noir1666.4114-3-37wXw
208Carnage1666.3510-1-07Championship Of Wrestling
209Kendo Kashin1666.2112-3-03Pro Wrestling NOAH
210Mochi Miyagi1666.2036-26-35Ice Ribbon
211Medico Brujo1665.9412-2-14Lucha Time
212Churaumi Saver1665.4322-11-14Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling
213Mei Suruga1664.8150-44-69Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling
215Shotaro Ashino1664.2329-17-04AJPW
216Jacob Fatu1664.1711-2-17MLW
217Minoru Tanaka1664.0634-23-315Pro Wrestling NOAH
218Billy Ken Kid1663.7724-14-113Dotonbori Pro Wrestling
219Shawn Spears1663.7618-10-01AEW
220The Yellow Dog1663.5710-1-04Magnum Pro Wrestling 
221Hiroyoshi Tenzan1663.4523-14-01NJPW
222Jordan Devlin1663.4213-4-04WWE
223Hikari Noa1663.2229-18-03Tokyo Joshi Pro
224PSYCHO1663.0821-10-110Osaka Style Wrestling
225Mr. Brodie Lee1663.0011-3-01AEW
226Frankie Pickard1662.7919-9-03H20 Wrestling
227Rampage Brown1662.6411-2-04Revolution Pro Wrestling 
228Tatsuhiko Yoshino1662.3020-11-07Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
229MUSASHI1662.2633-21-41Michinoku Pro Wrestling
230Fairy Nihonbashi1662.2013-3-04Dotonbori Pro Wrestling
231Big E1661.4526-14-21WWE
232La Jarochita1661.2615-7-15CMLL
233Muerte Extrema1661.2311-2-05Lucha Time
234Con Artiest1661.209-1-03Pro Wrestling Phoenix
235Cherry1661.1227-18-411Actwres girl’Z
236Tsubasa1661.0314-6-010Freelance Shows (Japan)
237Jun Akiyama1660.9440-28-03DDT
238Tim Storm1660.8911-3-25Southwest Wrestling Entertainment
239Rydeen Hagane1660.7828-16-55PURE-J
240Miu Watanabe1660.5227-17-22Tokyo Joshi Pro
241Orange Cassidy1660.4020-12-37AEW
242Kay Lee Ray1660.3910-2-02WWE
243Camaro Jackson1660.2813-5-08World League Wrestling
244Hartley Jackson1660.0820-12-27Pro Wrestling ZERO1
245Tae Honma1660.0636-25-311Ice Ribbon
246Jessie V1659.8716-6-37Superkick’D
247Anthony Bowens1659.6915-6-05AEW
248James Drake1659.6510-2-14WWE
249Max Lemire1659.6310-1-15Federation Canadienne de Lutte
250Alice Crowley1659.4233-19-112IWA Mid-South
251Dimitri Alexandrov1659.3329-20-39Metroplex Wrestling
252Rey Fenix1658.8824-14-03AEW
253Tatum Manning1658.4111-3-01Metroplex Wrestling
254Anthony Idol1658.4011-3-17United Wrestling Network
255Kazumi Kikuta1658.3346-31-07Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
256Rat Daddy1658.259-1-02International Wrestling Australia
258Juice Robinson1657.9825-16-01NJPW
259Steve Boz1657.769-1-02Chicago Style Wrestling
260Shoko Nakajima1657.6830-20-34Tokyo Joshi Pro
261Bianca Belair1657.5925-16-11WWE
262Super Beetle1657.4913-4-26Millenium Pro Wrestling
263Konosuke Takeshita1657.4246-41-34DDT
264Finn Balor1657.3415-7-11WWE
265Mo Atlas1657.2212-4-04Paradigm Pro Wrestling
266Connor Hopkins1656.9314-5-03ZOWA Live
267Alex Shelley1656.9319-10-19Impact Wrestling
268El Phantasmo1656.9318-10-07NJPW
269KAI1656.9045-35-45Dragon Gate
270Chris Steeler1656.7211-3-13Warriors Of Wrestling
271Robbie Vio1656.5511-2-11Pro South Wrestling
272Rene Dupree1656.4712-4-12Pro Wrestling NOAH
273Cha Cha Charlie1656.3411-3-06Coastal Championship Wrestling
274Shiro Koshinaka1656.2410-3-08Pro Wrestling NOAH
275Zak Knight1656.1310-3-22World Association Of Wrestling
276Kento Miyahara1656.0528-26-41AJPW
277Christian Casanova1655.8915-7-18Limitless Wrestling
278Momo Watanabe1655.8031-22-61Stardom
279Breyer Wellington1655.7413-5-06Horror Slam Wrestling
280Ryan Davidson1655.6613-5-05Reality Of Wrestling
281Isaiah Scott1655.6025-14-11WWE
282Meiko Satomura1655.1914-6-18Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling
283Kazushi Sakuraba1655.1218-10-01Pro Wrestling NOAH
284Natsupoi1655.1027-16-26Tokyo Joshi Pro
285Spyder1655.0512-4-14Body Progression Wrestling
286Trish Adora1654.979-1-16PAWDWC Presents F1ght Club Pro Wrestling
287Chihiro Hashimoto1654.8620-14-011Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling
289Joe Black1654.4914-6-15Pro South Wrestling
290Mikael Judas1654.2312-5-13Southern Fried Championship Wrestling
292Dameon Ceretone1653.9316-7-22Pro South Wrestling
293Chris Vice1653.6622-15-34Pro Wrestling ZERO1
294Yuki Kamifuku1653.6324-19-03Tokyo Joshi Pro
295Steven Styles1653.6212-4-03Real Canadian Wrestling
296El Hijo de LA Park1653.6113-6-011AAA
297Arata1653.4112-4-04JUST TAP OUT
298Jeff Cobb1653.3639-28-013NJPW
299Mustafa Ali1653.3416-7-11WWE
301Matt Hayter1653.2010-2-02Riot City Wrestling
302Willow Nightingale1653.0314-5-012Beyond Wrestling
303Tomoya Hirata1653.0322-13-111Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
304Zach Nystrom1652.7010-3-17International Wrestling Cartel
305Princesa Sugehit1652.6213-6-02CMLL
306Hiragi Kurumi1652.5233-24-37Ice Ribbon
307Flavio Augusto1652.269-2-22Italian Wrestling Association
308Cameron Keast1652.1612-5-01Pro South Wrestling
309Shane Mercer1652.0519-10-210GCW
311Pat Powers1651.7410-3-02Pro Wrestling Phoenix
312Kim Mir1651.4912-4-01Pro Wrestling Society
313Volador Jr.1651.4428-18-02CMLL
314The Slammer1651.2213-6-31Real Canadian Wrestling
315Pauly Thomaselli1651.1410-3-03POWW Entertainment
316Kota Ibushi1650.9738-30-01NJPW
317Jun Kasai1650.9316-9-28Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
319Reed Bentley1650.8114-6-07ICW No Holds Barred
320El Terrible1650.4921-16-01CMLL
321The Mysterious Movado1650.4723-15-113Pro Wrestling All-Stars Of Detroit
322Shiro Kuma1650.3614-7-06Dotonbori Pro Wrestling
323Takuya Nomura1650.3253-42-410Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
324Io Shirai1650.2913-7-11WWE
325Mentai Kid1650.2611-5-03Kyushu Pro Wrestling
326Vince Austin1650.2424-15-02Real Canadian Wrestling
327Darby Allin1650.2218-12-03AEW
328Adam Maxted1650.159-2-07Insane Championship Wrestling
329Jaxon Carter1650.0310-3-02Alternative Pro Wrestling
330Meathooks O’Bannon1649.9711-3-03POWW Entertainment
332Heather Monroe1649.8219-10-120United Wrestling Network
333JDX1649.799-2-08American Wrestling Federation  
335Cass Stone1649.679-2-01Professional Championship Wrestling 
337Minoru Fujita1649.4962-45-614Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
338Che Cabrera1649.1711-4-19United Wrestling Network
339Matt Sydal1649.1518-9-08AEW
340Koji Doi1649.1421-13-05WRESTLE-1
341Andy Wu1649.1018-12-16WRESTLE-1
342Ricky South1649.0111-4-07PWA Black Label
343Yuki Ueno1648.8842-37-23DDT
345Dalys la Caribena1648.8316-9-07CMLL
346Colt Cabana1648.6727-18-09AEW
347Garibai1648.6711-4-01Idaho Wrestle Club
348Mike Outlaw1648.6511-4-07Pro Wrestling ZERO1 USA
349Scorpio Sky1648.6219-12-12AEW
350Roman Rozell1648.5611-3-03OVW
352Mark Haskins1648.1913-6-04Revolution Pro Wrestling 
353Bryce Benjamin1648.0210-4-06Lucha Libre Total Chicago
354Eric Martin1648.0012-5-06H20 Wrestling
355Swoggle1647.9617-10-213ACW Wisconsin
356Masakatsu Funaki1647.779-2-34Pro Wrestling NOAH
358Chikayo Nagashima1647.349-3-14Marvelous That’s Women Pro Wrestling
360Dan Moloney1647.2515-8-27Revolution Pro Wrestling 
361Kerry Morton1647.259-2-03KFW Wrestling
362Chris Sabin1647.0710-3-01Impact Wrestling
363El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.1647.0418-12-110Pro Wrestling NOAH
364Tom Lawlor1647.0319-14-013MLW
365Joe Gacy1647.0214-7-112We Want Wrestling
367Jake Hager1646.8712-6-01AEW
368Rey Mysterio1646.8115-7-01WWE
369Kongo Kong1646.7512-5-112IWA Mid-South
370Parada1646.738-2-02Arizona Wrestling Federation
371Naomi Yoshimura1646.7338-32-02DDT
372Kyoko Inoue1646.7213-6-24Diana
373Verzal1646.699-3-12Welcome To Mi Barrio
375Thomas Dubois1646.578-2-08BATTLEWAR Pro Wrestling
376Yuya Susumu1646.5622-15-210Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
377Marky1646.5210-4-23Real Canadian Wrestling
378Logan Lynch1646.499-2-13ACW Wisconsin
379Mitch Clarke1646.409-3-06Monster Pro Wrestling
380El Hijo del Vikingo1646.3715-8-06AAA
381Yuki Miyazaki1646.3421-14-43Pro Wrestling WAVE
382Stan Stylez1646.3317-9-28H20 Wrestling
383Rickey Shane Page1646.1924-15-115GCW
384Levi Shapiro1646.0911-5-05United Wrestling Network
385Great Kojika1646.0210-4-06Niigata Pro Wrestling
386Brandi Rhodes1646.0010-3-01AEW
387Shu Asakawa1646.0032-23-282AW
388Kat Von Heez1645.878-2-04Canadian Wrestling’s Elite
391Amigo Suzuki1645.5112-6-28Secret Base
392Kotaro Suzuki1645.4934-25-36Pro Wrestling NOAH
393GENTARO1645.3617-10-49Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
394Mr. Iguana1645.2810-4-16AAA
395Axel Rod1645.238-2-01Southern Violence And Wrestling
396Eric Ryan1644.9621-15-09ICW No Holds Barred
397Redshaw1644.959-2-02Riot City Wrestling
398Jay White1644.8725-24-01NJPW
399Shoki Kitamura1644.8624-19-28Pro Wrestling ZERO1
400Zack Gibson1644.738-2-12WWE
401Miyu Yamashita1644.7128-20-13Tokyo Joshi Pro
402Hirooki Goto1644.7041-33-21NJPW
403Takafumi Ito1644.5714-7-16Pro Wrestling HEAT UP
404Kohei Sato1644.0817-12-17Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
405Victor Chase1644.038-2-03We Want Wrestling
406Shayna Baszler1643.9924-16-21WWE
407Ayako Sato1643.8119-11-47Diana
408Big Ovett1643.6823-14-014IWRG
409Kiera Hogan1643.6516-11-07Impact Wrestling
410Myron Reed1643.6221-14-018MLW
411The Butcher1643.5120-13-01AEW
412Kyle Roberts1643.508-2-02River City Championship Wrestling
413Baby D1643.3012-7-16Metroplex Wrestling
414Nick Aldis1643.188-2-05NWA
416Jesse James1642.889-3-06United Wrestling Network
417Mr. Leggs1642.8111-5-01Metroplex Wrestling
418Mizuki1642.6426-20-23Tokyo Joshi Pro
419Moses Powell1642.569-3-01World League Wrestling
420Devantes1642.5115-8-014High Tension Wrestling
421DBA1642.508-2-23Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling
423The Blade1642.2320-13-01AEW
424Matt Angel1642.238-2-15North Shore Pro Wrestling
425Isabella Smothers1642.009-3-17Girl Fight
426Willie Mack1641.9123-15-07Impact Wrestling
427Davey Boy Smith Jr.1641.8811-5-010MLW
428Jake Crist1641.7127-21-214IWA Mid-South
429Eli Drake1641.338-2-02NWA
430Bryan Leo1641.318-2-01Pro Wrestling Society
431Stryknyn1641.2016-10-15Alternative Pro Wrestling
432Villman1641.099-3-01World Association Of Wrestling
433Ultra Soki1640.9618-13-03Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling
434Tommy Becker1640.8720-13-17Metroplex Wrestling
435Chasyn Rance1640.8417-10-04I Believe In Wrestling
436Miranda Gordy1640.809-3-04Southwest Wrestling Entertainment
437Mitch Vallen1640.799-3-01H20 Wrestling
438Deonn Rusman1640.7810-4-05WrestlePro
439Johnny Malibu1640.758-2-01Canadian Wrestling’s Elite
440Miedo Extremo1640.7216-10-09Lucha Libre Vanguardia
441DASH Chisako1640.7122-14-29Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling
442Sadico1640.709-3-03Alianza Universal De Lucha Libre
443Lucas Steel1640.4011-5-05AJPW
444Dorian Crowe1640.1418-13-02Pro South Wrestling
445Galeno Del Mal1640.0613-7-111IWRG
446Ryo Saito1640.0643-39-21Dragon Gate
447SUGI1639.9519-14-17Pro Wrestling ZERO1
448Stephanie Vaquer1639.8610-5-04CMLL
449Dragon Lee1639.768-3-03Ring Of Honor
450Dave La Justice1639.6811-5-06North Shore Pro Wrestling
451RYUKYU-DOG Dingo1639.6611-5-03Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling
452Kazuyuki Fujita1639.658-3-03Pro Wrestling NOAH
453Takaku Fuke1639.5511-6-14Dotonbori Pro Wrestling
454Shawn Sanders1639.2811-5-01All-Star Pro
455TAKA Michinoku1639.1212-7-16JUST TAP OUT
456Nikos Rikos1639.087-2-12Titan Championship Wrestling
457Ryuichi Kawakami1639.0349-36-012Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
458Aigle Blanc1638.7612-6-08Association les Professionnels du Catch
459Myzteziz Jr.1638.7215-8-04AAA
460Kenshin Chikano1638.6813-8-07Dove Pro Wrestling
461David Finlay1638.6722-14-02NJPW
462Kengo Takai1638.6516-11-07Sportiva Entertainment
463Hikaru Sato1638.3539-28-37AJPW
464JT Energy1638.318-3-14SCW Pro Wrestling
465Adam Grace1638.068-3-14ACW Wisconsin
466Kid Lykos II1638.0314-8-111TNT Extreme Wrestling
467Hiroshi Yamato1637.9245-38-514DDT
468Channing Decker1637.8614-9-011Superkick’D
469La Silueta1637.858-3-01CMLL
470Elijah Dean1637.7210-5-05International Wrestling Cartel
473Shaman1637.537-2-12Union Of European Wrestling Alliances
474Derek James1637.3924-15-27Body Progression Wrestling
475Marcel Barthel1637.1611-6-11WWE
476Aoife Valkyrie1637.1010-5-05WWE
478Vito Fratelli1636.9710-5-16Freelance Shows (USA)
479noki-A1636.9513-9-04OZ Academy
480Dre Jacobs1636.8615-8-010Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling
481Brazo de Oro Jr.1636.4211-6-09Desastre Total Ultraviolento
482Andrew Palace1636.3711-6-07International Wrestling Cartel
483Harutoki1636.3312-8-06Dotonbori Pro Wrestling
484Masamune1636.2414-9-210Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS
485Shaun Martens1636.2035-28-05Real Canadian Wrestling
486Charli Evans1636.1816-11-214PWA Black Label
487Luke Jacobs1636.0913-8-213FutureShock Wrestling
488Brandon Groom1636.0710-5-02Body Progression Wrestling
489Dallas McLane1635.998-3-13Explosive Pro Wrestling
490Tarkan Aslan1635.949-4-05German Wrestling Federation
491Savannah Evans1635.879-4-09BriiCombination Wrestling
493Dean Richtor1635.6213-8-02Real Canadian Wrestling
494Steve Rivers1635.6210-6-01Real Canadian Wrestling
495Jiro Kuroshio1635.5519-14-09AJPW
496Tyler Matthews1635.548-3-02Great Lakes Wrestling Association
497Darius Carter1635.529-4-16Warriors Of Wrestling
498Stephanie Maze1635.4711-6-18wXw
499Trevor Murdoch1635.417-2-14NWA
500Nick Gage1635.4117-12-017GCW

Matthew Schroeder is a passionate wrestling fan who uses his scientific and analytic background to examine the wrestling business in unique and innovative ways.