TV ratings: MLW Underground on Reelz full 13-week run update

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MLW Underground’s 13-week run on Reelz, from February 7 to May 2, averaged 60,000 viewers for its first run airings at 10 pm ET on Tuesday nights. Re-airings three hours later for the west coast separately averaged 19,000 viewers.

Throughout the 13-week run, replays of previous Underground episodes aired at 11 pm and 2 am ET, averaging 35,000 and 16,000 viewers, respectively.

For comparison, the first-run episodes of MLW Underground on Reelz attracted a similar audience size as New Japan on AXS TV during a similar time span. From February 9 to May 4, New Japan averaged 59,000 viewers, nearly equal to MLW’s average of 60,000. Like MLW did, New Japan is also re-aired later in the night but we don’t have ratings data for its re-airings.

New Japan is arguably the most apt comparison for MLW on Reelz as both shows aired for 60 minutes on weekdays at 10 pm. MLW would have an advantage in household coverage and network strength. Reelz is in only slightly more U.S. homes (about 38 million) than AXS (about 35 million), but when it comes to actual viewership, Reelz is a decisively stronger network (averaging 252,000 viewers in 2022) than AXS (averaging 42,000 in 2022).

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Brandon Thurston

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