Smackdown fast affiliate indicates final TV rating of about 2.5 million viewers for last night

The preliminary rating for WWE Smackdown on Fox last night was 2,390,000, according to SpoilerTV and Programming Insider, although TV Series Finale shows a lower number, 2,290,000.

Assuming 2,390,000 is the correct fast affiliate measurement, we project the final total viewership for Smackdown to be about 2,520,000 viewers, based on our analysis of consistent differences between the fast affiliate and final rating over the last twelve months.

The final rating should be reported on Monday afternoon.

If our projection is accurate, total viewership last night was on the level of two weeks ago, the night before the Royal Rumble when Smackdown was watched by an average of 2,544,000 viewers.

Another number of around 2.5 million viewers would continue Smackdown’s trend of delivering higher viewership than during the same period last year. Smackdown’s average viewership for February 2022 was 2,167,000.