WWE Smackdown rights taken by NBCU, Raw goes to open market

WWE announced Thursday morning a new five-year U.S. TV deal with NBCUniversal that will return Smackdown to USA Network beginning October 2024. But now it’s unclear where Raw will end up.

This means Smackdown will leave Fox about a year from now.

The new deal is worth $287 million per year, according to CNBC, which is a 1.4x increase over the current deal with Fox, valued at $205 million annually.

Broadcast rights to Raw, which currently airs on the USA Network, is going to the open market, WWE confirmed to Wrestlenomics.

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal reported that NBCU is still in talks to renew Raw. The rights to NXT on USA Network expire at the same time as Raw, in the fall of 2024.

The Hollywood Reporter seemed to contradict SBJ’s report, though, writing:

While the new deal will bring WWE to NBC primetime and SmackDown to USA on Friday nights, it will also mean the end of Raw and NXT on USA.

A source familiar with the Raw discussions tell The Hollywood Reporter that the market for the program is “extremely active,” with traditional linear networks, streaming services and “unexpected players” all interested.

Possible bidders for Raw, besides NBCU, include Amazon and Disney. “Unexpected players” could potentially include The CW, which aired Smackdown from 2006 to 2008, an idea floated by Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated.

The new deal was a disappointment to shareholders. TKO stock fell by more than ten percent on the day. As recently as last month, Morgan Stanley was estimating a base case of 1.5x for WWE’s rights renewal, a bull case of 2x, and a bear case of 1.35x, so the news of Smackdown getting a 1.4x deal, even though it’s a 40% increase in fees, sent the newly-merged WWE-UFC stock tumbling.

“We are excited to extend this longstanding relationship by bringing SmackDown to USA Network on Friday nights,” WWE President Nick Khan said in a joint press release from WWE and NBCU, indicating the show will continue airing on Friday nights when it moves to USA.

As part of the new deal for Smackdown, there will be four primetime specials each year that will air on NBC.

Brandon Thurston has written about wrestling business since 2015. He’s also worked as an independent wrestler and trainer.

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Panini and WWE File Lawsuits Over Trading Card License

There are two new court filings Wednesday, one, Panini v. WWE, and another, WWE v. Panini.

Panini is WWE’s trading card licensee — or at least was until last month anyway.

WWE’s own case, possibly the injunction referred to in Darren Rovell’s tweet, to stop Panini from continuing to sell WWE products, is a motion for leave to file its case under seal.

WWE’s docket:

Panini’s complaint, also filed today in federal court in the Southern District of New York, says it’s suing WWE for terminating their agreement.

Panini’s complaint:

Panini claims in the complaint:

  • WWE and Panini agreed to a deal on March 14, 2022, to produce trading cards and stickers using WWE IP.
  • Panini claims it has performed and fulfilled obligations under the contract.
  • “[W]ith no warning whatsoever” on August 28, 2023, Panini received a letter from WWE (dated August 25), purportedly terminating the deal.
  • Panini claims this is a breach of contract and wants the termination declared invalid.
  • The deal began with a term sheet on October 1, 2021, then they made a four-year agreement on March 14, 2022, making the deal retroactively effective January 1, 2022, and to end in 2025.
  • Panini launched the “WWE Prizm” trading card set in April 2022 and stickers the next month. There were digital and physical trading cards. Panini used WWE cards for “Box Wars” or “Pack Wars” games played at conventions.
  • Panini says WWE never raised any issues with Panini’s performance, accepted royalty payments, and “praised Panini for tripling the business.”
  • WWE allegedly suddenly terminated the deal, purportedly under a provision of the contract giving WWE the right to terminate if Panini “did not engage in good faith efforts” to make WWE physical trading card games and digital trading cards.
  • WWE allegedly demanded Panini immediately pay WWE $5,625,000, the minimum royalties due under the contract.
  • Panini claims the window to terminate under the provision was between April 1 and June 1, 2022, which has passed.
  • Panini wants declarations: that it hasn’t breached the contract, that WWE’s termination is invalid, that the contract remains in effect, and that it doesn’t have to pay the $5,625,000 WWE claims is immediately due.

Brandon Thurston has written about wrestling business since 2015. He’s also worked as an independent wrestler and trainer.

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Elo 500: Sep 14, 2023

These rankings are based on an Elo rating system, known for ranking chess players. The method may also be applied to participants in other games and sports. Participants’ wins and losses add to or subtract from their ratings, respectively, proportionally based on the ratings of their opponents. In other words, a win over a player (in this case, a wrestler) who frequently beats strong opponents counts more than a win over a less accomplished player; a loss to a player who always loses hurts the loser’s rating more than a loss to a more accomplished player will.

Expand to read about the methodology behind the calculation for these Elo rankings.

  • What kinds of matches are analyzed?
    • Only singles matches are considered for this analysis. That includes typical one-on-one matches, but also multi-opponent matches (three-ways, four-ways, etc). Battle royals are also counted.
    • This analysis does not count tag team matches in any form. We may create a tag team Elo analysis in the future.
    • All wrestlers begin with a 1500 Elo rating upon their first match in the Cagematch record.
    • All wrestlers’ entire singles match histories (to the extent they are recorded by Cagematch) may determine their Elo rating.
    • Elo is calculated universally. That means matches in any promotion count toward a wrestler’s rating.
  • How are different match endings treated?
    • DQ and count-out wins/losses count at half the weight (0.5) of typical wins/losses.
    • Time limit draws and double pins are counted with half weight (0.5) to each wrestler.
    • Matches resulting in a double DQ, double count-out, or no-contest are essentially discarded and do not affect any participants’ Elo rating.
    • A winner of a match with multiple opponents (e.g., a three-way, four-way, battle royal) is rewarded as if they beat a wrestler with an Elo rating that is the average of the other participants in the match. Conversely, the effect of a loss in such a match is distributed evenly across the losers. This means the two losers of a three-way match are penalized half as much as they would be if they lost to the winner one-on-one. The 29 losers of a 30-person battle royal are affected one-twenty-ninth to the extent they would have been had they lost one-on-one to the battle royal winner. There are no adjustments made according to who was pinned or eliminated in any such match as Cagematch currently doesn’t consistently provide that information for matches of the relevant type.
    • Matches are not weighted with respect to promotion, event type, whether the match is a title match, or whether the match is any type of gimmick match.
  • How are house shows are treated?
    • For the period beginning January 1, 1985 to the present, matches Cagematch categorizes under the event type “House shows” are excluded. Non-televised events categorized as “Event” (many independent companies’ events, for example) are included throughout the timeline. All televised matches are included: TV, PPV/PLE, Streaming, and YouTube matches.
    • For the period from January 1, 1900 through December 31, 1984, all matches in the Cagematch record are included. We arbitrarily choose 1985 as the cut-off point for house shows because it roughly marks the rise of closed circuit and pay-per-view events. This choice is intended to deal with specific facts, including
      • a) televised matches between high-profile wrestlers were less common on television in a prior era;
      • b) house show match results (especially in modern times) are often repetitive, with a face beating the same heel opponent repeatedly; and
      • c) televised matches obviously didn’t occur before the rise of television in the 1950s and many independent events aren’t televised at all, which makes focusing solely on televised events throughout the timeline undesirable.
  • What are the tables categories below?
    • Wrestlers are grouped below in tables by gender and by promotion. An “Overall” categorization is shown as the first set of tables. All wrestlers with a singles match present in the Cagematch record within the last 90 days are eligible for ranking in the “Overall” table for the gender division within which they commonly compete, regardless of promotion affiliation.
    • Wrestlers whose most recent match in the given promotion (or overall) was more than 90 days ago are not included in the rankings. This is intended to focus on wrestlers who are active, excluding wrestlers who may be injured or no longer affiliated with a promotion. This also means a wrestler may appear in more than one promotion’s rankings if that wrestler had matches in more than one of the selected promotions within the last 90 days.
    • Wrestlers’ Elo ratings are formulated to decay when wrestlers are inactive. When a wrestler is inactive for more than 90 consecutive days, their rating will diminish by one point per day they are inactive over the 90-day threshold. For years before 2004, the decay rate is weighted more lightly, relative to the number of match records present for the given year, which reflects an assumption that the Cagematch record is more complete in recent years and less complete in more distant years.
  • What is the actual Elo formula?
    • A typical one-on-one win/loss result affects the participants’ Elo ratings under the following formula:

Rwinner = 10winner's incoming Elo rating÷400
Rloser = 10loser's incoming Elo rating÷400
Ewinner = Rwinner ÷ (Rwinner + Rloser)
Eloser = Rloser ÷ (Rwinner + Rloser)
Elowinner = winner's incoming Elo rating + 32 × (1 - Ewinner)
Eloloser = loser's incoming Elo rating +32 × (0 - Eloser)

Historical Elo: Who would have ranked highly under this methodology at different points in history?

  • Updated as of Sep 14, 2023, 2:55 PM ET
  • Analyzing 308,239 matches from Jan 1, 1894 to Sep 13, 2023, involving more than 39,413 wrestlers.
  • and symbols indicate the wrestler has respectively improved or disimproved in Elo rank compared to 30 days ago.
  • To focus on active wrestlers, those without a singles match within the last 90 days in the given promotion (or overall) are excluded from the rankings.
  • Yellow text in “Last Match” column indicates the wrestler’s last singles match was more than 60 days ago.
  • Red text in “Last Match” column indicates the wrestler’s last singles match was more than 80 days ago.
  • Title holders are indicated only for titles belonging to All Japan Pro Wrestling, Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre, Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Libre AAA World Wide, Major League Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Ring Of Honor, World Wonder Ring Stardom, and World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Match results source: cagematch.net
  • Calculation by Wrestlenomics

Overall: Men

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Jon Moxley [International] All Elite Wrestling title=17886623892730.5882023-09-13
2Kazuchika Okada New Japan Pro Wrestling title=17653232061170.6382023-08-13
3Will Ospreay [IWGP US Title] New Japan Pro Wrestling title=17214922832090.5752023-08-27
4Roman Reigns [WWE,Universal] World Wrestling Entertainment title=1693267195720.7302023-08-05
5Orange Cassidy All Elite Wrestling title=16933421731690.5062023-09-03
6Wardlow All Elite Wrestling title=1684135107280.7932023-06-17
7Zack Sabre Jr. [NJPW TV Title] New Japan Pro Wrestling title=16838984814170.5362023-09-09
8Josh Alexander Impact Wrestling title=16796423982440.6202023-09-09
9Tetsuya Naito New Japan Pro Wrestling title=16783501721780.4912023-08-13
10Gunther [WWE IC Title] World Wrestling Entertainment title=16775793732060.6442023-09-04
11SANADA [IWGP Title] New Japan Pro Wrestling title=16728755320.6322023-08-27
12Minoru Suzuki16654623221400.6972023-09-02
13Konosuke Takeshita All Elite Wrestling title=1663304205990.6742023-09-03
14Jay White All Elite Wrestling title=1659217119980.5482023-09-02
15Oba Khan1646433490.7912023-06-17
16Bryan Danielson All Elite Wrestling title=16428175023150.6142023-09-03
17Samoa Joe [ROH TV Title] All Elite Wrestling title=16346944602340.6632023-09-13
18Alex Hammerstone Major League Wrestling title=16303622611010.7212023-08-05
19Rocco Gioiello16297759180.7662023-07-23
20Jake Lee [GHC Title]162715787700.5542023-08-27
21Hook [FTW Title] All Elite Wrestling title=1626252410.9602023-08-27
22Ricky Starks All Elite Wrestling title=16222921681240.5752023-09-03
23MJF [AEW Title] All Elite Wrestling title=16123761692070.4492023-08-27
24Powerhouse Hobbs All Elite Wrestling title=1611158101570.6392023-09-03
25Daisuke Sekimoto Big Japan Pro-Wrestling title=16106394471920.7002023-08-12
27Jorge Carranza160710162390.6142023-09-03
28Mitch Clarke160710486180.8272023-09-08
29One Man Kru1602181801.0002023-08-20
30Adam Page All Elite Wrestling title=15982531191340.4702023-09-13
31Cody Rhodes World Wrestling Entertainment title=15975363152210.5882023-08-14
32Lance Archer All Elite Wrestling title=15935373002370.5592023-08-18
33Claudio Castagnoli [ROH Title] All Elite Wrestling title=15938584284300.4992023-09-09
34Eddie Kingston [NJPW STRONG] All Elite Wrestling title=15916633303330.4982023-08-30
35Bruno Astro1587322480.7502023-08-20
36Kento Miyahara All Japan Pro Wrestling title=15863181821360.5722023-09-09
37Carmelo Hayes [NXT Title] World Wrestling Entertainment title=15852441271170.5202023-08-22
38Alan Lee Travis1582319259600.8122023-08-26
39Shingo Takagi New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15824683261420.6972023-08-26
40Chris Vice15782671661010.6222023-08-26
41Seth Rollins [WWE Title] World Wrestling Entertainment title=15776343702640.5842023-09-02
42Matt Angel15752431411020.5802023-08-11
43Ricky Knight Jr.15743112081030.6692023-09-09
44Kellan Thomas157313591440.6742023-09-09
46Kaito Kiyomiya Pro Wrestling NOAH title=1571239961430.4022023-08-05
47Bron Breakker World Wrestling Entertainment title=1570362880.7782023-09-05
48Andrew Monrroy15673624120.6672023-09-02
49EVIL New Japan Pro Wrestling title=1567240851550.3542023-08-12
50CM Punk1564272430.8892023-08-27
51Ryan Eagles1562151320.8672023-07-08
52Lou Martin1562206121850.5872023-08-26
53Jordan Carter1562191901.0002023-08-26
54Jarrad Slate15616043170.7172023-09-02
55Kevin Storm1560383080.7892023-09-09
56Mistico [NWA Historic Middle] Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre title=1560200138620.6902023-09-01
57Jeff Cobb New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15605212912300.5592023-08-02
58Hiromu Takahashi [IWGP Jr.] New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15588560250.7062023-09-03
59Elliot Greyson1554231670.6962023-07-29
60Yuji Okabayashi Big Japan Pro-Wrestling title=15542771711060.6172023-06-30
61Freddy Crow1554363060.8332023-09-09
62Seb Silvers15525501.0002023-09-02
63Dante Drago155110910.9002023-09-09
64Guil Reno1549141220.8572023-07-09
66Ariel Levy15479468260.7232023-08-05
67Nate Nixon1547170111590.6532023-09-02
69Apocalipsis 1545221660.7272023-08-12
70Bruza The Serb15452919100.6552023-07-22
71David Finlay [NEVER Title] New Japan Pro Wrestling title=154413157740.4352023-08-10
72Sammy Guevara All Elite Wrestling title=15442381211170.5082023-08-16
73Darby Allin All Elite Wrestling title=15432881491390.5172023-09-09
74Katsuyori Shibata [ROH Pure] New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15439720.7782023-07-21
75Tama Tonga New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15424021190.5252023-08-08
76Marko Estrada15413762641120.7022023-08-20
77Jack Perry All Elite Wrestling title=154113270620.5302023-08-27
78Mitch Paradise1541326229970.7022023-08-13
79Damo McCullough15377520.7142023-07-28
80Blazer 1537111010.9092023-09-03
81Ray Gonzalez153610820.8002023-06-24
82Mascara Dorada 15356510.8332023-08-17
83Trevis Montana15345732250.5612023-09-02
84Vittorio Bruni15344836120.7502023-08-22
85Kengo Mashimo15344973881090.7812023-08-27
86Blake Christian15332721431290.5262023-09-01
87Mike Nice 1532363060.8332023-06-24
88Tatum Manning153210866420.6112023-08-19
90Backwoods Brown15313929100.7442023-07-01
91Lance Revera15315501.0002023-09-10
93Thomas Knight15304401.0002023-09-09
94Barry Kohlhoff15303301.0002023-07-23
97Tom LaRuffa1529206113930.5492023-09-02
98Chuck Devine1528161240.7502023-07-22
100Mosh Pit Mike1526171430.8242023-08-17
101El Hijo del Vikingo [AAA Mega]152512582430.6562023-09-09
103Kenny Omega All Elite Wrestling title=15255483491990.6372023-09-03
104Alex Shelley [Impact Title] Impact Wrestling title=152514788590.5992023-08-24
105Solo Sikoa World Wrestling Entertainment title=15255438160.7042023-09-01
106Jari Syberia1524141130.7862023-08-18
107Tommy Knight15245836220.6212023-08-12
108Craneo X15247610.8572023-07-22
109Allen Lynch15242201.0002023-07-20
110Hideki Suzuki1522160122380.7622023-06-17
113Justin Lee 1522363150.8612023-09-09
114Kenoh Pro Wrestling NOAH title=15214872742130.5632023-09-03
115Hunter Hayes152110910.9002023-08-26
116Ilja Dragunov World Wrestling Entertainment title=1520264175890.6632023-09-12
117Joey Foxx1520271980.7042023-08-13
118Scotty The Body 15194634120.7392023-08-19
119Andy English151811920.8182023-06-23
120Blake Troop National Wrestling Alliance title=1518131120.8462023-08-27
121Omos World Wrestling Entertainment title=15184431130.7052023-08-05
122Ayato Yoshida1518158107510.6772023-08-19
123Miro All Elite Wrestling title=1518234148860.6322023-09-03
124Brandon Prophet15183301.0002023-07-29
125Sami Sparx1517141220.8572023-08-05
127Adam Cole All Elite Wrestling title=15174712761950.5862023-08-27
128Damage National Wrestling Alliance title=15179662340.6462023-07-09
130Yuma Aoyagi [Triple Crown] All Japan Pro Wrestling title=1516218781400.3582023-09-03
131Jimmy King15161101.0002023-06-30
132Ricky Glamour15161101.0002023-07-29
135Black Extreme15151101.0002023-07-05
136Josh Raymond1515393360.8462023-09-02
138Stu Grayson All Elite Wrestling title=1515187119680.6362023-09-08
139Bushwhacker Luke1515131030.7692023-07-08
140Sito Sanchez15152201.0002023-09-09
141Danny Copass15159810.8892023-09-08
144Flying Kid Ichihara15141101.0002023-06-24
146Silver Star1514231580.6522023-07-08
148Ryan Wylde15141101.0002023-07-09
149Robbie Paige1514211650.7622023-09-02
150Hiroshi Tanahashi New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15146083712370.6102023-08-20
151Eden Rayne15141101.0002023-08-27
152Brad Zane15149355380.5912023-07-30
155Brickhouse Baker15132201.0002023-07-08
156Heimo Ukonselkä151316887810.5182023-08-12
157Ritchie Destiny15131101.0002023-07-22
158Disco Pablo15133301.0002023-09-03
160A Horda Cerebral15132717100.6302023-07-15
161Maro Kuriyama1513171250.7062023-08-20
162Mike King15131101.0002023-07-22
163Dontae Smiley1513232030.8702023-07-28
164Ultimo Caballero1512151320.8672023-09-02
165Dropkick Murphy15124310.7502023-08-05
166Max Sterling 15124401.0002023-06-24
168Luis 15126420.6672023-09-09
169Prince Dagon15126510.8332023-08-26
170Electro 151210820.8002023-06-17
171PJ Savage1511383260.8422023-08-11
172Magnum McLaren15117610.8572023-07-15
173Nathan Brick15114310.7502023-07-16
174Aiden Rex1511312560.8062023-08-18
175Big O 15117358150.7952023-08-19
176Traevon Jordan15102201.0002023-07-22
177Demencia 15103210.6672023-09-02
178Max Caster All Elite Wrestling title=1510194108860.5572023-08-03
179Jimmy Vice15109810.8892023-08-27
180Jorge Santi1510131030.7692023-07-06
181Guti 15106420.6672023-09-09
182Mad Dog Connor1510201280.6002023-06-17
183King Of Man15106147140.7702023-06-17
184Chris Rukker15091101.0002023-07-22
185Teo Griffin1509241590.6252023-09-10
186Jack Vaughn1509141040.7142023-09-09
187Justin Mane15098349340.5902023-06-17
188Yuji Nagata New Japan Pro Wrestling title=15093620160.5562023-07-02
189EC3 [NWA Title] National Wrestling Alliance title=15093672051620.5592023-09-09
190Robert Dreissker15092911801110.6192023-08-18
191Drake Daniels15091101.0002023-07-09
192Bill Collier15093742311430.6182023-09-03
193Daichi Hashimoto Big Japan Pro-Wrestling title=15097050200.7142023-09-02
194Rage 15095501.0002023-08-12
195Brandon Aarons150811276360.6792023-07-19
197Timothy O15081101.0002023-09-10
198Mobster 35715083210.6672023-06-24
199Short Sleeve Sampson1508154134200.8702023-07-08
200Bobby Houston15082201.0002023-07-07
201Trent O’Day15084310.7502023-08-26
202Mikey Broderick150810457470.5482023-07-08
203Dante Reed15081101.0002023-07-16
204Toru Sugiura15072411201210.4982023-09-02
206Gorgeous Gregory15073210.6672023-09-02
208Chuck Stone15075320.6002023-09-09
209Moses 15079630.6672023-08-26
210Drew McIntyre World Wrestling Entertainment title=15076793902890.5742023-09-11
211Kay E Prince15071101.0002023-07-01
212Magic Killer #115063301.0002023-09-03
214Tiger Jackson15061101.0002023-08-05
215Joey Allen1506180119610.6612023-07-29
216Renegade 15063210.6672023-09-09
217Brick Savage15064129120.7072023-08-19
218Jake Braddock15061101.0002023-09-09
219Alex Danis15051101.0002023-09-02
220Primo Scordino15053210.6672023-07-06
221Gino Caruso15058801.0002023-07-26
222Jack Tomlinson15051101.0002023-08-12
223Wolf 15052201.0002023-07-02
224J Fowler150514685610.5822023-09-02
225Varun Khanna15054401.0002023-08-26
226Noah 15057520.7142023-07-22
227Anthony Fiasco15051101.0002023-06-30
228AJ Evers15057610.8572023-06-17
229Violento Jack150515986730.5412023-09-02
230Alex Kingston15055410.8002023-06-17
231Koji Doi15055938210.6442023-08-13
232Chris Jericho All Elite Wrestling title=150511256560.5002023-08-27
233El Hijo del Santo15053301.0002023-08-03
234Thom Latimer National Wrestling Alliance title=15042841441400.5072023-08-27
235LA Park1504224142820.6342023-08-26
236Hayato Mashita150415960.6002023-08-31
237King Leonidas1504221480.6362023-06-25
238Bernard van Damme15045140110.7842023-07-01
239Jun Kasai15044112491620.6062023-08-28
240Vinny Cenzo1504151230.8002023-07-22
241El Lindaman [AJPW Jr.] GLEAT title=150418495890.5162023-08-23
242Wayne Juggs15043301.0002023-08-05
244Evan McCloud15034310.7502023-09-10
245Yuji Hino1503188147410.7822023-09-03
246Danny Morrison150310820.8002023-08-26
247Doble D1503131210.9232023-06-17
248Atsushi Onita150310730.7002023-09-02
250Trent Mercer1503231580.6522023-08-04
251Mason Percs15036510.8332023-07-28
252Logan Pearce15031101.0002023-09-09
253Ice Williams15033019110.6332023-07-30
257Eric Steel150210730.7002023-08-04
258Chainsaw Tony15025410.8002023-08-12
260Dillon Sharpe15021101.0002023-08-19
261Tiger Heart15025320.6002023-07-23
262Ha Da On15023210.6672023-09-10
263Hideo Toda15024401.0002023-06-18
264Kerry Morton National Wrestling Alliance title=15018861270.6932023-08-27
265Lucas DiSangro1501121020.8332023-08-12
266T-Hawk GLEAT title=15013021841180.6092023-08-04
267Brad Attitude1501271980.7042023-07-30
269Scott Magnum 1501342590.7352023-07-30
270Bennett Cole15017338350.5212023-06-17
271Taylor Wolf15008846420.5232023-09-02
273Big Ric Cannon15004310.7502023-09-04
274CRAZY J15003210.6672023-08-26
275Shuji Ishikawa All Japan Pro Wrestling title=15003482211270.6352023-08-27
276Tevin D. Turner15006854140.7942023-07-30
277Robby Phoenix150015897610.6142023-08-27
278Dave Breaks150012930.7502023-08-19
279Ricky South150015585700.5482023-08-12
280Bud Barnes15003301.0002023-07-15
281Kenny France15003301.0002023-07-22
282Rick Vidal15003301.0002023-08-06
283New Demolition X15005501.0002023-07-01
284Sultan Singh 15004401.0002023-07-27
285Ryan James 15004401.0002023-08-26
286Celtic Wolf15004401.0002023-08-15
287Fire Angel15001101.0002023-08-28
288Karma II15001101.0002023-09-02
289Matt Bronson15001101.0002023-07-22
290Jose Anibal Laureano15001101.0002023-06-24
291Giant Warrior15001101.0002023-09-09
292Brian McDowell15001101.0002023-08-04
294Super Mario15001101.0002023-07-20
297Brayden Fury15001101.0002023-08-15
298Merc 15001101.0002023-09-09
300Gaia Hox15001101.0002023-07-25
301David Vain15001101.0002023-08-13
302Jim Raze15001101.0002023-06-17
303Kane D15001101.0002023-09-08
304Chase Striker15001101.0002023-08-26
306Damaris Griffin15002201.0002023-08-19
307Pad Campos15002201.0002023-07-29
309Lou Nixon15002201.0002023-08-20
311Tommy Johnson15002201.0002023-06-30
312Robin Sane15002201.0002023-07-23
313Archie Bennet15002201.0002023-08-20
314Hunter Irons15002201.0002023-09-08
315Logan Keane15001101.0002023-08-19
316Troy Buchannan15001101.0002023-06-25
317Brent Banner15001101.0002023-07-07
318Velvet Jones 15001101.0002023-08-05
319Cody Rose15002201.0002023-06-17
320Cole Calloway15001101.0002023-08-26
321Zoltan 15001101.0002023-07-29
322Brett Michaels15005501.0002023-09-09
323Takashi Sugiura Pro Wrestling NOAH title=14994022711310.6742023-06-17
324Scrubber Daly1499322390.7192023-07-14
325Raphael Luponetti14992110.5002023-07-15
326Homeless Tom1499161240.7502023-07-08
327Dead Mask1499131120.8462023-08-19
328Sgt. Ledbetter149910910.9002023-07-29
329Timo Cruz1499181710.9442023-06-30
331Onyx 149913794430.6862023-08-25
333Michael Jablonski14992201.0002023-06-29
334Andreza Giant Panda1499121201.0002023-06-18
335PAC All Elite Wrestling title=14995473282190.6002023-07-26
336Scorpio Sky All Elite Wrestling title=14994902692210.5492023-09-03
337Vito Fratelli1498135105300.7782023-08-19
338Mammoth Sasaki14982911541370.5292023-07-09
339Iron Charles1498211470.6672023-09-02
340Luca Crusifino World Wrestling Entertainment title=14985410.8002023-09-12
341Mini Hator1498171160.6472023-06-24
342Bull Dredd1498131120.8462023-09-02
343Osamu Nishimura1498201550.7502023-07-13
344James Jeffries14989064260.7112023-09-09
345Scott Ashworth14986346170.7302023-08-27
346Chen Pengwei1498201280.6002023-08-19
347Brandon Nytroe14983625110.6942023-08-25
349Robbie McAllister1497382990.7632023-08-12
350Brandon Wolfe14974310.7502023-09-10
351Juice Robinson All Elite Wrestling title=14972371031340.4352023-06-29
352Enfermero Jr.14972110.5002023-08-13
353Destroyer Dharma149712930.7502023-08-18
354Wild Bear1496151230.8002023-08-26
355Gao Yuan14965239130.7502023-06-17
356Robbie Walker14962201.0002023-08-27
357Chris Black 14964029110.7252023-08-19
358Thomas Dubois149613377560.5792023-07-30
359Erin Smith14962110.5002023-07-09
360Tenebroso Jr.1496161240.7502023-08-16
361Dwight Coulter14962110.5002023-07-22
364Tim Storm National Wrestling Alliance title=1496293196970.6692023-08-26
365David Michel14967610.8572023-07-08
366Carl Randers1496241770.7082023-08-24
367Jo Kyung Ho1496393270.8212023-09-02
368Tim Grind14963210.6672023-08-19
369Bob Keller14962201.0002023-06-18
370Masato Tanaka14967805342460.6852023-07-23
371Shawn Scott14962110.5002023-07-08
372Futeiki Senshi M’s Man149512930.7502023-06-17
374Javier Vives14952110.5002023-07-29
375Tamir Gibbs14952110.5002023-07-26
376Biggie Biggz149511920.8182023-07-22
377Feng Jianlang149516970.5622023-08-19
378Zeus Thundar14953210.6672023-08-26
379Brock Lesnar World Wrestling Entertainment title=14955335180.6602023-08-05
380Alex Romano149511830.7272023-09-01
381Action Jackson1494171340.7652023-08-26
382Anthony Athens1494352780.7712023-06-29
383Marco Hammers14942110.5002023-07-16
384Walker Of Wallstreet14943210.6672023-08-26
385Kip Paige1494312290.7102023-07-23
387Trouble Maker149411740.6362023-06-24
388Justin Overstreet14943210.6672023-08-26
389Ryan O Patrao14942111100.5242023-07-15
390Tanner Black14936420.6672023-06-17
391Kelly Klark14934310.7502023-07-22
392Go Shiozaki Pro Wrestling NOAH title=14934152301850.5542023-09-03
393Josh Barnett14939810.8892023-09-03
394Big Sam14934528170.6222023-06-17
395Jayce Karr14933210.6672023-09-09
396Joe Mack14937520.7142023-08-04
397Jordan Dye14932201.0002023-08-26
398Keith Lee All Elite Wrestling title=14932591491100.5752023-08-23
399Homeless Jimmy14933724130.6492023-07-02
400BADMAX Fujinaga14932110.5002023-09-08
401Malik Champion14933210.6672023-08-20
402Gianni Michael Emricko1493211830.8572023-09-07
404Teddy Ireland Jr.1492251780.6802023-07-08
405Green Demon14922110.5002023-07-01
406TT Suosalo14922110.5002023-08-05
407Dingo 14922110.5002023-07-28
409Hezekiah Hoskins14923210.6672023-08-27
410T. Rantula1492181530.8332023-08-26
412Joey Vincent Martini14913210.6672023-07-23
413Edge World Wrestling Entertainment title=1491191360.6842023-08-18
414Sanjay Bagga14911101.0002023-08-05
415Kiss Jr.14916420.6672023-07-16
416Zack Eriti14913210.6672023-09-09
417Joe Ocasio14914026140.6502023-08-31
418Great-O-Khan New Japan Pro Wrestling title=149113682540.6032023-08-06
419Malachi 14914733140.7022023-09-09
420Erick Redbeard14916040200.6672023-09-09
421Matt Burns14915320.6002023-06-16
422Noel Rodriguez14918530.6252023-08-12
423Joshua Kavod14902110.5002023-09-09
424Satoshi Ogawa149011920.8182023-09-09
425Alessandro Corleone1490166108580.6512023-09-02
426Duke Marshall14903210.6672023-08-26
427Arron Warnes14903210.6672023-07-01
428Ron Rubyn14903210.6672023-07-29
429Anthony Idol 1490186133530.7152023-08-19
430Satoshi Kojima New Japan Pro Wrestling title=149013569660.5112023-09-09
431Jessie Godderz14905134170.6672023-09-09
432Andrew Wilder1490111010.9092023-08-12
433Mike Walker14902110.5002023-08-18
434Brendan Michael Thomas1489191540.7892023-08-25
435George Hines14894220.5002023-08-05
436Liam Lacey14895529260.5272023-06-17
437Tex Monroe14893210.6672023-09-04
439Devin Devine14891010.0002023-08-26
440Institutano Vasquez14894310.7502023-08-26
441Peter Sigma14892513120.5202023-07-15
442Dulce Paola1489141220.8572023-08-24
443Joe Hendry Impact Wrestling title=14893612021590.5602023-07-28
444Steven Magnus14894310.7502023-09-09
445Brody King All Elite Wrestling title=148818193880.5142023-06-24
446Jebediah 148811660560.5172023-09-02
448Mikey Webb14883120.3332023-06-18
450Hoss Hamlet/Big Hoss Hamlet14882110.5002023-08-28
453Masashi Takeda14883532121410.6012023-08-28
454Mike Anthony 1488221840.8182023-08-26
455Max Burnside14883210.6672023-08-12
456CJ Tino14872110.5002023-07-23
457Ali Steele14876510.8332023-07-08
458Nicolas Grey14878620.7502023-07-30
459Patrick Hayes14872951751200.5932023-08-26
460Waylon Maze14875138130.7452023-08-03
461Bruiser Schmidt14871010.0002023-07-23
462Jeff Jevic14871010.0002023-07-23
463Jake Lawless14871010.0002023-06-24
464DK Vandu14872110.5002023-09-09
465Fujita Hayato14876420.6672023-08-20
466Chris Coleman14871010.0002023-09-02
467Vic Douglas14862110.5002023-08-23
468Thunder From Jalandhar1486231580.6522023-08-05
469Rocco Bellagio14865440140.7412023-09-03
470Jamie Tagataese1486373340.8922023-08-26
471Pol Badia14863724130.6492023-07-29
474Agustin Cienfuegos14868530.6252023-06-24
475Prophet 14863210.6672023-08-12
476Suwama All Japan Pro Wrestling title=14863432271160.6622023-08-27
477Jay Knox14863210.6672023-07-22
479Jaguar 148611740.6362023-07-29
480Chris Raaber14863131811320.5782023-07-07
481Dom Boulanger14867552230.6932023-06-17
482Rob E. Rebel14851010.0002023-07-22
483Big Sed14856330.5002023-08-18
484Deniss Sensation14851010.0002023-07-07
485Anthony Alexander14859180110.8792023-08-19
486Kenny Nyne14852110.5002023-08-13
487Blue Shark14853210.6672023-07-02
488Alex Nakache1485241860.7502023-07-16
489Joshua O’Hagan14858661250.7092023-07-08
490Pierre Vachon14859540.5562023-08-19
491Adrian Alexander1485211740.8102023-06-17
492Raipachi Isobe1485211290.5712023-07-23
493Troy Stevens148512930.7502023-09-02
494Raul Cruz14851010.0002023-07-08
495Josh Redfield148515960.6002023-07-14
496Sexy Piscis148510820.8002023-07-06
497Paul Wright14853210.6672023-08-06
498Koji Iwamoto14852851461390.5122023-07-23
499Darko 14843826120.6842023-07-25
500El Bronco I14841010.0002023-06-24

Overall: Women

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Athena [ROH Women’s] All Elite Wrestling title=1771225149760.6622023-09-02
2Jade Cargill All Elite Wrestling title=1743545130.9442023-09-13
3Kamille National Wrestling Alliance title=1719746860.9192023-08-27
4Hikaru Shida All Elite Wrestling title=16974802811990.5852023-09-13
5Toni Storm All Elite Wrestling title=16773972371600.5972023-09-13
6Kris Statlander [TBS Title] All Elite Wrestling title=1661227135920.5952023-09-13
7Willow Nightingale All Elite Wrestling title=16452781641140.5902023-09-09
8Rhea Ripley [Women’s Title] World Wrestling Entertainment title=1633159109500.6862023-09-11
9Rika Tatsumi Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=160713089410.6852023-08-26
10Julia Hart All Elite Wrestling title=16065642140.7502023-07-08
11Shoko Nakajima Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=1605165121440.7332023-08-17
12Syuri World Wonder Ring Stardom title=160311291210.8122023-09-03
13Bianca Belair World Wrestling Entertainment title=160311688280.7592023-08-05
14Ruby Soho All Elite Wrestling title=15873431651780.4812023-09-03
15Marina Shafir All Elite Wrestling title=15836448160.7502023-09-02
16Nyla Rose All Elite Wrestling title=1574187116710.6202023-09-13
17Leyla Hirsch All Elite Wrestling title=156912777500.6062023-09-02
19Angel’s Bombita15649077130.8562023-08-19
20Aja Kong1563541450910.8322023-08-28
21Miku Aono15597044260.6292023-08-14
22Saraya [AEW Women’s] All Elite Wrestling title=15587610.8572023-08-27
23Jaguar Yokota1557239196430.8202023-06-25
24Dr. Britt Baker DMD All Elite Wrestling title=155218797900.5192023-09-13
25Mizuki Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=155212372510.5852023-09-03
26Chihiro Hashimoto155112792350.7242023-08-09
27Emi Sakura All Elite Wrestling title=154710145724420.5642023-09-08
28Tiffany Stratton World Wrestling Entertainment title=15423121100.6772023-09-12
29Rina Yamashita15383281741540.5302023-09-10
30Tessa Blanchard15373021881140.6232023-08-26
31Yuu Yamagata15374837110.7712023-09-03
32Megan Bayne15319973260.7372023-08-13
33Dahlia Wolfe15287610.8572023-07-15
34Miyu Yamashita Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=1525207158490.7632023-09-10
36Asuka World Wrestling Entertainment title=15214792742050.5722023-08-05
37Takumi Iroha152115694620.6032023-09-10
38Deonna Purrazzo Impact Wrestling title=15213221911310.5932023-09-08
39Kyoko Inoue15196084651430.7652023-08-27
40Raychell Rose151812981480.6282023-08-19
41Ivy Nile World Wrestling Entertainment title=15183726110.7032023-08-22
42Ryo Mizunami15173561961600.5512023-07-30
43Nanae Takahashi15179285473810.5892023-08-18
44Baby Angelita15163301.0002023-07-30
45Alexis Royale15151101.0002023-08-25
47Hiroyo Matsumoto15155083221860.6342023-09-10
48Sage Hale15141101.0002023-08-25
51Kira An15115410.8002023-06-18
52Deanna Diaz15111101.0002023-06-24
54Laylah James15104310.7502023-09-10
55Lexxi Green15101101.0002023-09-02
56Moxie Malone15093210.6672023-07-30
57Natasha Valentine15095410.8002023-09-02
58Adrianna 15096601.0002023-08-12
61Maxxine Dupri World Wrestling Entertainment title=15071101.0002023-07-31
62Haven Harris15043210.6672023-06-17
63Natsumi Sumikawa150413940.6922023-08-27
65Julia 15032201.0002023-09-02
66Shinobu Kandori15033210.6672023-06-25
67Mackenzie Morgan15024310.7502023-09-03
68Mila Michelle Smidt15027040300.5712023-09-03
69Alex Windsor15015639170.6962023-09-03
70Hikari Minami15001101.0002023-09-03
71Madi Monarch15002201.0002023-08-19
72Hit Girl15001101.0002023-06-18
73Rebel Kel14998050300.6252023-08-24
74Crane Yu14993301.0002023-07-02
75Mya Malek149910730.7002023-08-11
76Princesa Quetzal14985320.6002023-08-13
77Mickie James Impact Wrestling title=14953401981420.5822023-08-26
78Nikki Valentine14942110.5002023-07-09
79Arisa Nakajima14932981611370.5402023-08-25
80Giulia [NJPW STRONG Women’s] World Wonder Ring Stardom title=149113565700.4812023-09-09
81Becky Lynch [NXT Women’s] World Wrestling Entertainment title=149016695710.5722023-09-12
82Sam Kelly14905320.6002023-09-09
84Trixie Kramer14893210.6672023-08-31
85Maggie Lee14882110.5002023-08-25
86Nayati Mattox14882110.5002023-08-05
87Hollywood 14884310.7502023-07-07
88Mercedes Martinez All Elite Wrestling title=14885103311790.6492023-09-09
89Diosa Nix14885320.6002023-07-15
90Ronda Rousey World Wrestling Entertainment title=1487403370.8252023-08-05
91Nova Nicholls14875410.8002023-07-14
92Frankie Quinn14879540.5562023-08-05
93Miss Coral14861010.0002023-07-30
96Leah Lovegrove14851010.0002023-08-19
97Estrellita Magica14859540.5562023-07-15
99Dump Matsumoto14853210.6672023-08-11
100Diosa Maya14846330.5002023-06-24
101Ava World Wrestling Entertainment title=14841010.0002023-08-22
102Bulldozer Todoroki14831010.0002023-08-27
103Heartbeat Girl14831010.0002023-09-03
104Harley Cameron All Elite Wrestling title=14822110.5002023-06-25
106Taylor OneShot14821010.0002023-08-19
107Maya World14821010.0002023-07-15
109Amaris Blair1481211650.7622023-06-24
110Princesa Del Sol14811010.0002023-08-20
111Violet Nyte14813210.6672023-07-08
112Eliza Haze148112840.6672023-08-17
113Hanako Nakamori14814232381850.5632023-09-03
114Princesa Aguila14807520.7142023-09-07
115Haru Kazashiro Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14801010.0002023-09-03
116Lexi Luxx14802110.5002023-08-11
117Daisy Jenkins14802110.5002023-09-07
118Asako Mia14801010.0002023-07-31
119Nurse Mika14792110.5002023-08-27
120Jordynne Grace Impact Wrestling title=14793902191710.5622023-09-08
121Sweet Cherrie14794220.5002023-06-17
122Lyra Valkyria World Wrestling Entertainment title=14789350430.5382023-09-12
125Tess Valentine14776136250.5902023-06-23
127Layla Divine14761010.0002023-09-02
128Tanny Mouse14751010.0002023-08-13
129Toga Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14753120.3332023-09-09
130Taya Valkyrie All Elite Wrestling title=14752671591080.5962023-08-12
131Jessica Love1475191270.6322023-07-01
132Rylie Rose14751010.0002023-08-12
133Charlotte Flair World Wrestling Entertainment title=1475217136810.6272023-08-05
134IYO SKY [Women’s Title] World Wrestling Entertainment title=1475248159890.6412023-08-25
136Utami Hayashishita World Wonder Ring Stardom title=147410977320.7062023-09-03
138Mayumi Ozaki14744062741320.6752023-08-07
139Valentina Vazquez1473241590.6252023-09-09
140Tuff Tina14733120.3332023-07-23
141La Hielera147214950.6432023-08-20
142Yumi Ohka14724462452010.5492023-08-26
143Gymbro Jessie14704220.5002023-08-26
144Yuki Aino Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14697441330.5542023-09-10
145Ayako Sato146910057430.5702023-09-10
146Khaos 14686330.5002023-08-26
147Lei’D Tapa14684220.5002023-06-25
148Lexi Steel146810820.8002023-09-01
149Jessica Roden14678620.7502023-08-05
151Morgan Mercy14666330.5002023-07-01
152Skye James14669630.6672023-08-27
154Mayu Iwatani [IWGP Women’s] World Wonder Ring Stardom title=14652401361040.5672023-09-03
155Livvii Grace1465191180.5792023-08-05
156Blair Davenport World Wrestling Entertainment title=146515970890.4402023-08-29
157DASH Chisako14642351171180.4982023-08-06
158Lady Shani14639249430.5332023-06-25
159Tomoka Inaba14638051290.6382023-09-09
160Remi 14623120.3332023-08-13
161Anna Jay All Elite Wrestling title=14615128230.5492023-08-09
163Harleen Lopez14605230.4002023-08-17
164Freya Fury14603120.3332023-08-11
165Diamante All Elite Wrestling title=146016592730.5582023-08-19
166Akasha Blaque14609630.6672023-09-10
167Tiara James14594220.5002023-09-03
168Chloe Nightshade14585140.2002023-09-02
169Kacey Diamond14587520.7142023-09-09
172Briar Hale14582020.0002023-08-25
173Izzi Dame World Wrestling Entertainment title=14572020.0002023-08-01
174Triton Elisa14576138230.6232023-08-13
175Nova Phoenix14566230320.4842023-06-24
176Lexa Valo14553821170.5532023-08-26
177Allie Galvin145410550.5002023-06-17
178Karmen Petrovic World Wrestling Entertainment title=14532020.0002023-09-05
179Lara Frazier14534130.2502023-08-04
180Haley Dylan14532020.0002023-08-18
181Aliss Ink14535738190.6672023-08-26
182Dani Palmer World Wrestling Entertainment title=14539450.4442023-08-08
183Big Mama 14523818200.4742023-09-03
185Kelsey Magnolia14517430.5712023-09-09
186Loue O’Farrell14515030200.6002023-09-09
188Dark Silueta Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre title=1450221570.6822023-08-12
189Brooklyn Creed14493121100.6772023-09-09
190Viva Van144811767500.5732023-07-30
191Yuki Kamifuku144811648680.4142023-09-09
192Renee Van Peebles14477340.4292023-07-22
194Miu Watanabe Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14468039410.4882023-07-29
195Kat Spencer144614860.5712023-07-22
196Kat Von Kaige144616099610.6192023-08-27
197Unwilting Tatiana14454220.5002023-08-24
198Lizzie Maximus14453030.0002023-08-05
199Tracy Nyxx14442414100.5832023-09-03
200Dani Leo14448440.5002023-08-11
201MJ Jenkins14446240.3332023-08-26
202Linda Llamarada14446240.3332023-08-13
203Christina Von Eerie14434224180.5712023-08-12
204Trish Stratus World Wrestling Entertainment title=14436240.3332023-09-02
205Kylie Alexa National Wrestling Alliance title=14438350.3752023-08-22
206Kenzie Paige [NWA Women’s] National Wrestling Alliance title=1443187102850.5452023-08-28
207Stephanie Vaquer14434324190.5582023-07-11
208Rebecca Scott14438350.3752023-07-27
209Kelani Jordan World Wrestling Entertainment title=14423030.0002023-08-08
210Clara Carreras144213670.4622023-08-26
211Dani Deville14422111100.5242023-09-01
212Katie Forbes14405430240.5562023-06-25
213SheWolf Leto1440188100.4442023-08-05
214Roxanne Perez World Wrestling Entertainment title=143914075650.5362023-08-29
215Teal Piper14398350.3752023-08-27
216Lena Sophie143815870.5332023-07-29
217Bunny All Elite Wrestling title=14372871561310.5442023-08-16
220Princesa Legna14368260.2502023-07-13
222Angel Orsini14358350.3752023-08-19
223Kenzi James1435171160.6472023-06-24
225Alissa Webb143410550.5002023-09-02
226Harli Hyde14344130.2502023-09-02
228Karen BamBam14326034260.5672023-08-06
230Cassandra Golden14315932270.5422023-07-29
231Indi Hartwell World Wrestling Entertainment title=143111958610.4872023-08-14
233Rita Stone14307430.5712023-08-05
234Kyoka Iwai143012480.3332023-07-22
235Tsunami 142912667590.5322023-09-09
236Dulce Tormenta1429241770.7082023-07-16
237Albie Anne Troska14286240.3332023-08-11
238Kiera Hogan All Elite Wrestling title=1428233941390.4032023-09-02
239Kayla Sparks14283116150.5162023-09-09
240Saraya Knight14283952071880.5242023-07-28
242MIRAI [Wonder Of Stardom] World Wonder Ring Stardom title=14277540350.5332023-09-09
243Runa Okubo Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14273030.0002023-08-26
244Leon 14277814303510.5512023-09-10
245La Tirana14272313100.5652023-07-09
246Nyx Jade14262613130.5002023-06-24
247Electra 14254929200.5922023-08-01
248Ronnie Knocks14258440.5002023-07-15
249Lilith Dark14248639470.4532023-08-20
250Baby Love14247842360.5382023-08-20
251Nene Arahata14248260.2502023-07-22
252Roni Nicole14239153380.5822023-07-08
253Alisha La Guerrera14235140.2002023-07-13
255Taylor Wilde Impact Wrestling title=14232212100.5452023-06-23
258Laura Di Matteo1421193105880.5442023-06-25
259JC Storm142114680.4292023-08-17
263Skye Blue All Elite Wrestling title=141919197940.5082023-08-26
264Shayna Baszler World Wrestling Entertainment title=141915194570.6232023-09-11
265Jody Threat Impact Wrestling title=14183111541570.4952023-09-09
266Claudia Bradstone14184326170.6052023-08-13
267Trinity [Knockouts] Impact Wrestling title=1417203961070.4732023-09-08
268Marina Tucker14179156350.6152023-07-16
269Destiny 141714589560.6142023-07-29
271Shino Suzuki Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14164040.0002023-09-10
272Brittany Wonder141613670660.5152023-08-18
273Elena Morgenstjerne141615780.4672023-06-24
274Luna Magica14152312110.5222023-08-20
276Bayley World Wrestling Entertainment title=1415215117980.5442023-09-01
277Bella Athena141513580.3852023-07-09
278Nicole Matthews14143742261480.6042023-09-09
280Delmi Exo [MLW Women’s] Major League Wrestling title=141312858700.4532023-08-25
281Regina Rosendahl14125830280.5172023-09-09
282Hikari Noa Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=141210359440.5732023-09-10
283La Pantera14122811170.3932023-09-05
284Candice LeRae World Wrestling Entertainment title=14112931401530.4782023-08-21
285Black Widow 1411198110.4212023-09-05
286Violet Zante141113670.4622023-06-17
287Sara Jade141110460.4002023-08-26
288Faby Apache14108345380.5422023-07-16
289Wakana Uehara Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=14107160.1432023-06-18
290Chika Goto14105050.0002023-08-27
291Nikita 1409191090.5262023-08-25
292Vicious Vicki14076742250.6272023-08-26
293Dalys [CMLL-Japan Women’s]140712760670.4722023-06-25
295Tam Nakano [World Of Stardom] World Wonder Ring Stardom title=140616078820.4882023-09-09
296Savannah Sweet14056240.3332023-07-01
297Nikki 14055426280.4812023-07-08
298Gemma Jewels140514770.5002023-06-24
299Zoe Sager140513373600.5492023-08-25
300Candy Girl 1404171160.6472023-07-22
301India Mazahua14032413110.5422023-07-15
302Lola Vice World Wrestling Entertainment title=14035050.0002023-07-11
303Kizuna Tanaka14024040.0002023-08-26
304Mystii Marks140116790.4382023-07-15
305Allie Recks14019045450.5002023-06-18
306Harley Harris14014628180.6092023-08-20
307Flame 14016234280.5482023-08-11
308Princess Aussie14015026240.5202023-06-26
309Samantha Starr National Wrestling Alliance title=14012715120.5562023-08-28
310Caity Luxe1400208120.4002023-08-24
311Aki Shizuku140012161600.5042023-06-18
312Sonoko Kato140014178630.5532023-08-20
313Skarlet 13999360.3332023-07-16
314Saya Kamitani World Wonder Ring Stardom title=13989448460.5112023-09-03
315Miranda Alize13989242500.4572023-06-25
316LA Taylor1397191090.5262023-09-10
317Dynamite DiDi13977038320.5432023-06-18
318India Sioux139710370.3002023-08-26
319Emersyn Jayne13978248340.5852023-08-26
320Gia Miller Impact Wrestling title=139611470.3642023-08-02
321Brittnie Brooks139613670.4622023-08-20
323Allysin Kay13953231671560.5172023-09-02
324Ludark Shaitan139514777700.5242023-06-24
325Diana Taylor1392197120.3682023-08-26
326Kat Von Heez13923171861310.5872023-09-08
327Jakara Jackson World Wrestling Entertainment title=13926060.0002023-07-08
329Centella 139111470.3642023-06-25
330Brooklyn Barlow World Wrestling Entertainment title=13906060.0002023-08-08
331Jazzy Gabert1390231139920.6022023-08-05
332Persephone Vice139013580.3852023-07-15
335Keesa The Bambi1389155100.3332023-08-19
337Haley J138811972470.6052023-09-02
338Ivy 13889047430.5222023-09-10
339Elektra Lopez World Wrestling Entertainment title=13884724230.5112023-07-18
340Taylor Rising138711470.3642023-09-09
341La Catrina 13863922170.5642023-06-24
342Tracy Taylor138610167340.6632023-08-31
343Harley Fairfax13862612140.4622023-06-24
344Danni Bee13857938410.4812023-08-17
345Randi West13852501321180.5282023-09-09
346Christi Jaynes National Wrestling Alliance title=138511866520.5592023-08-26
347Queen Maya138414186550.6102023-09-02
348Ultra Violette13846435290.5472023-08-26
350Angel Crush138412480.3332023-08-18
351Yuki Arai Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=1383217140.3332023-09-10
352Saraya Saber1383188100.4442023-08-25
353Sexy Violeta138215690.4002023-07-30
355Evie De La Rosa13822110110.4762023-08-25
356Crystal Rose13827031390.4432023-08-31
357Dani Luna Impact Wrestling title=138112972570.5582023-08-28
358Momo Watanabe World Wonder Ring Stardom title=138119294980.4902023-09-03
359Mika Iwata138011639770.3362023-09-01
360Suzume Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=13806827410.3972023-08-12
361Leila Grey All Elite Wrestling title=137910244580.4312023-09-02
362Jordan Blu137913490.3082023-08-05
363Lady Flammer [AAA Reina]137814373700.5102023-08-12
364Kimberly Spirit13783318150.5452023-06-17
365Christina Marie137812469550.5562023-08-05
366Maki Ito137815783740.5292023-09-10
367Juria Nagano Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=13788080.0002023-09-03
368Tyra Russamee13783018120.6002023-07-16
369Angelina Love National Wrestling Alliance title=13772461181280.4802023-07-08
370Melanie Havok13765427270.5002023-09-09
372Lady Bird Monroe137515690.4002023-08-12
373Promise Braxton137511260520.5362023-07-15
374Vanessa Kraven1374201109920.5422023-07-15
375Marti Belle1374223991240.4442023-08-25
377Maika World Wonder Ring Stardom title=13737644320.5792023-09-09
378Amira Blair137210370.3002023-07-30
379AZM World Wonder Ring Stardom title=1372199951040.4772023-09-02
380Thea Hail World Wrestling Entertainment title=13713714230.3782023-09-05
381Kaoru Ito13713416180.4712023-09-10
383Sara Phoenix137010950590.4592023-09-02
384Sara Leon13703514210.4002023-08-05
385Zoey Stark World Wrestling Entertainment title=13706633330.5002023-09-04
386Nao Kakuta13698837510.4202023-08-19
387Zuzu Divine13693517180.4862023-07-15
388Big Mama13692612140.4622023-07-16
389Raquel Rodriguez World Wrestling Entertainment title=13685728290.4912023-09-11
390Saori Anou136713578570.5782023-09-10
391Diana Strong13673014160.4672023-08-26
393Cat Power13668446380.5482023-09-09
394Natalia Markova National Wrestling Alliance title=136614775720.5102023-08-27
395Angel Hayze136614477670.5352023-08-19
396Sakura Mizushima136511380.2732023-08-27
397KC Spinelli13652651141510.4302023-07-06
398Edith Surreal136513075550.5772023-08-19
399Reina del Sur13652919100.6552023-09-10
400Lindsay Snow13659248440.5222023-08-20
402Fallon Henley World Wrestling Entertainment title=13645316370.3022023-09-05
403Reka Tehaka13645121300.4122023-08-12
404La Metalica Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre title=13626730370.4482023-09-09
405Kiana James World Wrestling Entertainment title=13613915240.3852023-09-05
406Miki Fortune13614422220.5002023-08-19
407Nova 13612713140.4812023-07-16
409Mariah May13584824240.5002023-09-02
410Shawna Reed135812769580.5432023-08-12
411Heidi Howitzer13576836320.5292023-07-08
413Dama de Hierro13562811170.3932023-07-04
414Anastasia Bardot13554627190.5872023-09-02
416Abby Jane13532711160.4072023-07-13
417Rochelle Rogue13523918210.4622023-09-02
418Yuki Miyazaki13524692282410.4862023-08-17
421Lana Austin13513581801780.5032023-09-02
422Debbie Dahmer1351197120.3682023-08-05
423Maya Yukihi1351202117850.5792023-08-24
424Saki Kashima [High Speed] World Wonder Ring Stardom title=135012857710.4452023-09-03
425Erica Torres1349212121910.5712023-08-12
426Drake Morimatsu13495634220.6072023-09-03
427Hannah Simpson13493714230.3782023-08-19
428Taryn From Accounting13499850480.5102023-09-09
429Jessy Jay13489454400.5742023-08-26
430Gisele Shaw Impact Wrestling title=13482361141220.4832023-08-28
431Miranda Vionette13476430340.4692023-08-05
432Aurora Teves13462310130.4352023-07-08
433Sage Sin Supreme134617193780.5442023-08-18
434Rayne Leverkusen134610280.2002023-08-26
435Kaitland Alexis1346142120.1432023-06-18
437Tegan Nox World Wrestling Entertainment title=13452711160.4072023-08-14
438Brodie Adler1345188100.4442023-06-17
440Tiffany Nieves13444923260.4692023-09-02
441Gypsy Mac1344186120.3332023-08-26
442Mei Suruga1343200931070.4652023-08-26
443Nina Samuels1343179791000.4412023-08-26
444Domiziana Roy134210190.1002023-08-05
445Bashley Bones1342133100.2312023-09-08
446Shannon LeVangie13414623230.5002023-08-12
447Courtney Rush Impact Wrestling title=13416028320.4672023-08-28
448Ruthless Lala13418540450.4712023-08-11
450Stevie Turner World Wrestling Entertainment title=134011861570.5172023-08-29
451Totoro Satsuki1339188681200.3622023-09-02
452Megumi Yabushita133817989900.4972023-08-27
454Arisa Shinose13386060.0002023-08-26
455Lola The Adventurer13384928210.5712023-08-13
457Charlette Renegade1337162140.1252023-08-12
458Konami 1337194731210.3762023-09-03
459Millie McKenzie13362761211550.4382023-09-02
460Amber Nova133516792750.5512023-08-11
462Koguma World Wonder Ring Stardom title=13345429250.5372023-08-13
463Natsupoi World Wonder Ring Stardom title=133416475890.4572023-09-02
464Jessika Black13343418160.5292023-09-07
465Sara Dox13333417170.5002023-09-09
466Jacy Jayne World Wrestling Entertainment title=133310056440.5602023-08-15
468Kiya Loeve133115690.4002023-09-08
469Maya Fukuda GLEAT title=1330144100.2862023-07-01
470Free-Range Kara133010155460.5452023-09-09
471Zelina Vega World Wrestling Entertainment title=13299641550.4272023-08-25
472Savanna Stone132916681850.4882023-08-06
473Baby Allison13299245470.4892023-09-02
474Katana Chance World Wrestling Entertainment title=1329173140.1762023-08-28
476Dani Mo132811664520.5522023-07-22
477Hamuko Hoshi13286122883240.4712023-09-10
478Mila Moore1328144100.2862023-09-02
479Charli Rose13284116250.3902023-09-02
481Stormi Renee13275425290.4632023-08-18
482Janai Kai1327155551000.3552023-09-09
483Zeda Zhang13266027330.4502023-08-06
484Haruka Umesaki132616075850.4692023-09-04
485Beaa Moss1326242153890.6322023-07-07
486Hyper Misao Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling title=132617085850.5002023-08-05
487Nikki Cross World Wrestling Entertainment title=13253371691680.5012023-08-21
488Delilah Doom132517085850.5002023-07-29
489Jeyla Jey13245324290.4532023-07-01
491Mio Momono132112246760.3772023-08-27
494Honey Badger13204924250.4902023-08-26
496Hyena Hera1319133100.2312023-08-12
497Kiara 13182410140.4172023-07-01
498Brandi Lauren131811649670.4222023-06-18
499Rachelle Riveter13183113180.4192023-06-18

World Wrestling Entertainment: Men

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Roman Reigns [WWE,Universal]1693267195720.7302023-08-05
2Gunther [WWE IC Title]16775793732060.6442023-09-04
3Cody Rhodes15975363152210.5882023-08-14
4Carmelo Hayes [NXT Title]15852441271170.5202023-08-22
5Seth Rollins [WWE Title]15776343702640.5842023-09-02
6Bron Breakker1570362880.7782023-09-05
7Solo Sikoa15255438160.7042023-09-01
8Ilja Dragunov1520264175890.6632023-09-12
10Drew McIntyre15076793902890.5742023-09-11
11Luca Crusifino14985410.8002023-09-12
12Brock Lesnar14955335180.6602023-08-05
14Karrion Kross1479195141540.7232023-08-11
15Tyler Bate14782981491490.5002023-09-12
17Karl Anderson14733721160.5682023-07-28
18Logan Paul14546240.3332023-08-05
19Eddy Thorpe144411563520.5482023-08-29
21Wes Lee1442197791180.4012023-09-12
22Channing Lorenzo14403219130.5942023-07-11
23Joe Coffey14354672931740.6272023-09-05
24Bronson Reed14352261211050.5352023-09-11
25Edris Enofe142311470.3642023-07-08
26Austin Theory14212701291410.4782023-09-08
27Top Dolla14218350.3752023-08-11
28Cameron Grimes14174742332410.4922023-08-05
29Duke Hudson14113822160.5792023-09-05
30Dominik Mysterio [NXT NA Title]14104922270.4492023-08-08
31LA Knight1409203108950.5322023-09-08
32Rick Boogs139417890.4712023-08-05
33Dragon Lee 1385232146860.6292023-09-05
34Quincy Elliott138516790.4382023-07-22
35Damian Priest1382203116870.5712023-08-28
36Butch 13774972852120.5732023-09-05
37Santos Escobar13752221051170.4732023-08-05
38Noam Dar [NXT Heritage]13744161882280.4522023-08-22
39Tavion Heights13738170.1252023-09-05
40Finn Balor13724192591600.6182023-08-25
42Trick Williams13542310130.4352023-08-22
43Rey Mysterio [WWE US Title]134916588770.5332023-09-02
44Damon Kemp13462810180.3572023-08-08
45Tommaso Ciampa13454852402450.4952023-09-04
46Charlie Dempsey13374419250.4322023-09-12
47Nathan Frazer13358332510.3862023-09-12
49Jimmy Uso1333164120.2502023-09-08
50AJ Styles13329625604020.5822023-09-08
51Xavier Woods1330183731100.3992023-09-11
53JD McDonagh1328233142910.6092023-09-04
54Myles Borne1323174130.2352023-08-01
55Shinsuke Nakamura13213922551370.6512023-09-04
56Mustafa Ali13113391451940.4282023-09-05
57Matt Riddle13093992491500.6242023-08-07
58Johnny Gargano13084842512330.5192023-07-30
60Dante Chen12965020300.4002023-08-15
61Ludwig Kaiser12852331081250.4642023-08-28
62Giovanni Vinci128211458560.5092023-08-14
63Von Wagner12783915240.3852023-09-05
65Riley Osborne12676027330.4502023-08-29
66Apollo Crews12643311671640.5052023-08-05
67Ikemen Jiro12622171071100.4932023-09-12
68Grayson Waller126116874940.4402023-08-25
69Ridge Holland12585521340.3822023-08-05
70Riddick Moss12554722250.4682023-09-11
71Andre Chase123111348650.4252023-08-01
72Oro Mensah121912644820.3492023-09-05
73Sami Zayn12168324590.2892023-09-04
75Ashante Adonis12104213290.3102023-07-28
76Javier Bernal1202347270.2062023-08-29
77Jey Uso12026817510.2502023-08-05
78Baron Corbin11922481221260.4922023-08-01
80Chad Gable11497421530.2842023-09-04
82Drew Gulak10544731992740.4212023-08-15
83The Miz10515442153290.3952023-09-11
84Akira Tozawa9556032453580.4062023-09-12

World Wrestling Entertainment: Women

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Rhea Ripley [Women’s Title]1633159109500.6862023-09-11
2Bianca Belair160311688280.7592023-08-05
3Tiffany Stratton15423121100.6772023-09-12
5Ivy Nile15183726110.7032023-08-22
6Maxxine Dupri15071101.0002023-07-31
7Becky Lynch [NXT Women’s]149016695710.5722023-09-12
8Ronda Rousey1487403370.8252023-08-05
9Ava 14841010.0002023-08-22
10Lyra Valkyria14789350430.5382023-09-12
11Charlotte Flair1475217136810.6272023-08-11
12IYO SKY [Women’s Title]1475248159890.6412023-08-25
13Blair Davenport146515970890.4402023-08-29
14Izzi Dame14572020.0002023-08-01
15Karmen Petrovic14532020.0002023-09-05
16Dani Palmer14539450.4442023-08-08
17Trish Stratus14436240.3332023-09-02
18Kelani Jordan14423030.0002023-08-08
19Roxanne Perez143914075650.5362023-08-29
20Indi Hartwell143111958610.4872023-08-14
21Shayna Baszler141915194570.6232023-09-11
23Candice LeRae14112931401530.4782023-08-21
24Lola Vice14035050.0002023-07-11
25Jakara Jackson13926060.0002023-07-08
26Brooklyn Barlow13906060.0002023-08-08
27Elektra Lopez13884724230.5112023-07-18
28Thea Hail13713714230.3782023-09-05
29Zoey Stark13706633330.5002023-09-04
30Raquel Rodriguez13685728290.4912023-09-11
31Fallon Henley13645316370.3022023-09-05
32Kiana James13613915240.3852023-09-05
33Tegan Nox13452711160.4072023-08-14
34Stevie Turner134011861570.5172023-08-29
35Jacy Jayne133310056440.5602023-08-15
36Zelina Vega13299641550.4272023-08-25
37Katana Chance1329173140.1762023-08-28
38Nikki Cross13253371691680.5012023-08-21
39Valentina Feroz1298318230.2582023-08-29
41Kayden Carter1290244200.1672023-07-24
43Tatum Paxley1287183150.1672023-08-01
45Macey Estrella12707230420.4172023-06-23
46Cora Jade126510030700.3002023-07-25
47Dana Brooke126412643830.3412023-09-12
48Gigi Dolin124816373900.4482023-09-05
49Xia Li12404214280.3332023-07-31
51Chelsea Green1188213821310.3852023-09-11

All Elite Wrestling: Men

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Jon Moxley [International]17886623892730.5882023-09-13
2Will Ospreay [IWGP US Title]17214922832090.5752023-08-27
3Orange Cassidy16933421731690.5062023-09-03
5Minoru Suzuki16654623221400.6972023-07-29
6Konosuke Takeshita1663304205990.6742023-09-03
7Jay White1659217119980.5482023-09-02
8Bryan Danielson16428175023150.6142023-09-03
9Samoa Joe [ROH TV Title]16346944602340.6632023-09-13
10Hook [FTW Title]1626252410.9602023-08-27
11Ricky Starks16222921681240.5752023-09-03
12MJF [AEW Title]16123761692070.4492023-08-27
13Powerhouse Hobbs1611158101570.6392023-09-03
14Adam Page15982531191340.4702023-09-13
15Lance Archer15935373002370.5592023-07-15
16Claudio Castagnoli [ROH Title]15938584284300.4992023-06-28
17Eddie Kingston [NJPW STRONG]15916633303330.4982023-08-30
19CM Punk1564272430.8892023-08-27
20Sammy Guevara15442381211170.5082023-08-16
21Darby Allin15432881491390.5172023-09-09
22Jack Perry154113270620.5302023-08-27
23Kenny Omega15255483491990.6372023-09-03
25Adam Cole15174712761950.5862023-08-27
26Hiroshi Tanahashi15146083712370.6102023-06-24
27Chris Jericho150511256560.5002023-08-27
29Scorpio Sky14994902692210.5492023-09-03
30Juice Robinson14972371031340.4352023-06-29
31Keith Lee14932591491100.5752023-08-23
32Brody King148818193880.5142023-06-24
33Roderick Strong14767764003760.5152023-09-13
34Rob Van Dam1472235154810.6552023-08-09
35Wheeler Yuta14672901361540.4692023-08-30
36Brian Cage14667204073130.5652023-09-13
37Big Bill146410457470.5482023-09-13
38Mark Briscoe146217479950.4542023-06-21
39Christian Cage14612111100.5242023-08-19
40Jay Lethal14598184543640.5552023-09-06
41Tomohiro Ishii14514782522260.5272023-06-28
42Bishop Kaun14515732250.5612023-09-03
43Daniel Garcia1444196891070.4542023-09-03
44Andrade El Idolo14413171741430.5492023-07-29
45Shawn Spears14406846220.6762023-09-03
46Matt Hardy14404927220.5512023-07-19
47Luchasaurus [TNT Title]14389544510.4632023-09-03
48Swerve Strickland14355222143080.4102023-07-26
49Angelo Parker143111380.2732023-09-03
50Dustin Rhodes14262913160.4482023-06-29
51Rey Fenix 14193211631580.5082023-09-09
52Jake Hager14195372522850.4692023-09-03
53Shane Taylor14163381851530.5472023-09-03
54Brock Anderson141215870.5332023-08-12
55Matt Menard140410190.1002023-09-03
56Derek Neal14013051971080.6462023-08-19
57Ethan Page13997043193850.4532023-07-19
58QT Marshall [AAA Latin American]13922641211430.4582023-08-19
59Penta El Zero Miedo13913691861830.5042023-09-09
60Dax Harwood1388164120.2502023-09-02
61Gravity 137713490.3082023-08-19
62Kyle Fletcher1377167641030.3832023-09-03
63Jeremy Prophet13754042671370.6612023-06-24
64Dalton Castle13703201651550.5162023-09-03
65Butcher 1369173140.1762023-07-19
66Toa Liona1366188100.4442023-09-03
67Bryan Keith13582551421130.5572023-08-30
68Matt Sydal13532751331420.4842023-07-19
69Mark Davis13482341181160.5042023-09-03
70Buddy Matthews13459848500.4902023-07-29
71Jeff Jarrett13299005833170.6482023-08-16
72AR Fox13245902693210.4562023-09-06
73Action Andretti13189650460.5212023-09-09
74Trent Beretta13073111032080.3312023-09-06
75Johnny TV13025532852680.5152023-08-09
76Nick Wayne129215277750.5072023-09-06
78Jeff Hardy12825783042740.5262023-09-06
79Isiah Kassidy1281192170.1052023-07-19
80Nick Comoroto12808135460.4322023-07-22
82Ren Jones127412765620.5122023-08-19
84Chuck Taylor12675072232840.4402023-09-03
85Darius Martin1265202941080.4652023-09-03
86Blade 12633911862050.4762023-07-19
87Kevin Ku126215567880.4322023-08-19
88Aaron Solo1229161481130.2982023-08-19
89Anthony Henry12245172652520.5132023-06-29
90Tony Nese11854912152760.4382023-09-03
91Vary Morales11807634420.4472023-08-23
92Zicky Dice1168166561100.3372023-08-23
94Truth Magnum1137158521060.3292023-08-19
96Andrew Everett10763311162150.3502023-08-12

All Elite Wrestling: Women

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Athena [ROH Women’s]1771225149760.6622023-07-12
2Jade Cargill1743545130.9442023-09-13
3Hikaru Shida16974802811990.5852023-09-13
4Toni Storm16773972371600.5972023-09-13
5Kris Statlander [TBS Title]1661227135920.5952023-09-13
6Willow Nightingale16452781641140.5902023-08-23
7Julia Hart16065642140.7502023-07-08
8Ruby Soho15873431651780.4812023-09-03
9Marina Shafir15836448160.7502023-07-19
10Nyla Rose1574187116710.6202023-09-13
11Saraya [AEW Women’s]15587610.8572023-08-27
12Dr. Britt Baker DMD155218797900.5192023-09-13
13Emi Sakura154710145724420.5642023-09-06
14Mercedes Martinez14885103311790.6492023-08-05
15Taya Valkyrie14752671591080.5962023-07-26
16Anna Jay14615128230.5492023-08-09
17Diamante 146016592730.5582023-08-19
18Bunny 14372871561310.5442023-08-16
19Kiera Hogan1428233941390.4032023-07-29
20Kayla Sparks14283116150.5162023-07-19
21Skye Blue141919197940.5082023-08-23
22Bambi Hall13142441351090.5532023-07-08
23Alexia Nicole1304193871060.4512023-06-28
24Lady Frost127011238740.3392023-06-29
25Robyn Renegade1265408320.2002023-09-09
26Izzy McQueen12334716310.3402023-07-12

New Japan Pro Wrestling: Men

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Jon Moxley [International]17886623892730.5882023-07-05
2Kazuchika Okada17653232061170.6382023-08-13
3Will Ospreay [IWGP US Title]17214922832090.5752023-08-12
4Zack Sabre Jr. [NJPW TV Title]16838984814170.5362023-09-09
5Tetsuya Naito16783501721780.4912023-08-13
6SANADA [IWGP Title]16728755320.6322023-08-10
7Eddie Kingston [NJPW STRONG]15916633303330.4982023-08-08
8Shingo Takagi15824683261420.6972023-08-08
9Kaito Kiyomiya1571239961430.4022023-08-05
11Jeff Cobb15605212912300.5592023-08-09
12David Finlay [NEVER Title]154413157740.4352023-08-10
13Tama Tonga15424021190.5252023-08-08
15Hiroshi Tanahashi15146083712370.6102023-08-09
17Satoshi Kojima149013569660.5112023-09-09
18El Desperado14742411131280.4692023-07-05
19Hirooki Goto145816989800.5272023-08-09
21Taichi [NJPW KOPW]14533881302580.3352023-08-06
22Tomohiro Ishii14514782522260.5272023-08-08
23Shota Umino144510356470.5442023-08-05
24Tanga Loa1445218130.3812023-08-06
25Mikey Nicholls14413020100.6672023-08-08
27Tom Lawlor14312841711130.6022023-07-04
28Master Wato142212243790.3522023-06-17
29Ren Narita14118236460.4392023-08-05
30Toru Yano14117136350.5072023-08-09
31El Phantasmo14104732292440.4842023-08-06
34Bad Dude Tito1386181103780.5692023-07-04
35Tiger Mask13722512130.4802023-06-18
36Alex Coughlin13677331420.4252023-08-09
37Chase Owens13633682161520.5872023-08-05
38Oskar Leube1314249150.3752023-07-05
39Ryusuke Taguchi127814780670.5442023-06-18
40Gabe Kidd12572691001690.3722023-08-05
41Shane Haste12504815330.3122023-08-09
42Tomoaki Honma12233851332520.3452023-06-17
44Yota Tsuji120614247950.3312023-08-05
45Ryohei Oiwa1158528440.1542023-09-08
46Kosei Fujita1157478390.1702023-07-04
47Yuto Nakashima1128345290.1472023-09-11

Impact Wrestling: Men

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Josh Alexander16796423982440.6202023-09-09
2SANADA [IWGP Title]16728755320.6322023-08-27
3Alex Shelley [Impact Title]152514788590.5992023-07-29
4Joe Hendry14893612021590.5602023-07-28
5Nick Aldis14763802331470.6132023-07-16
6Chic Donovan14487520.7142023-06-23
8Steve Maclin14387343300.5892023-09-08
9Chris Sabin [X-Division]14346212863350.4612023-09-09
10Bully Ray141215372810.4712023-09-08
11Santino Marella141211650.5452023-07-16
12Jonathan Gresham14016193212980.5192023-07-15
14Lio Rush13793361541820.4582023-09-09
16Eddie Edwards13636543163380.4832023-07-15
17Robbie Eagles13603642061580.5662023-07-01
18Russ Jones13565431230.5742023-07-29
19Zachary Wentz13532451011440.4122023-09-09
20Tommy Dreamer [Digital Media]13439014174840.4632023-09-08
21Drilla Moloney13393531821710.5162023-08-28
22Eric Young13286428360.4382023-09-09
24Ace Austin13145252352900.4482023-09-09
25Frankie Kazarian13142531171360.4622023-07-15
26Trey Miguel13074262022240.4742023-09-09
29Jake Something12963541681860.4752023-09-09
30Bhupinder Gujjar12946033270.5502023-08-25
31Chris Bey12932121051070.4952023-06-24
32Rich Swann12936092533560.4152023-09-09
33Mike Bailey12888294004290.4832023-09-09
34Kenny King12803481422060.4082023-09-09
35Brian Myers1259261881730.3372023-07-29
36Dirty Dango12577630460.3952023-09-09
37Champagne Singh12279138530.4182023-08-25
38Rohit Raju12253151321830.4192023-08-25
39Moose 12234222202020.5212023-07-29
40Laredo Kid12042771221550.4402023-07-29
41Little Guido12035291553740.2932023-09-08
42Jason Hotch120016480840.4882023-08-28
44El Reverso11938129520.3582023-08-25
45Alan Angels1192222791430.3562023-09-09
46Samuray del Sol118712259630.4842023-09-09
47Jack Price118311148630.4322023-06-23
48Johnny Swinger11732501161340.4642023-07-28
49John Skyler11713241411830.4352023-06-24
50Zicky Dice1168166561100.3372023-07-16
51Crazzy Steve115715152990.3442023-09-08
52Adam Brooks11193551591960.4482023-07-01
53Kevin Knight 11046914550.2032023-08-28
54Sheldon Jean10897319540.2602023-07-28
55Yuya Uemura1069141391020.2772023-08-25
56Black Taurus1028193751180.3892023-09-08

Impact Wrestling: Women

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
1Deonna Purrazzo15213221911310.5932023-09-08
2Jordynne Grace14793902191710.5622023-09-08
3Taylor Wilde14232212100.5452023-06-23
4Jody Threat14183111541570.4952023-09-09
5Trinity [Knockouts]1417203961070.4732023-09-08
6Dani Luna138112972570.5582023-08-28
7Gisele Shaw13482361141220.4832023-08-28
8Courtney Rush13416028320.4672023-08-28
10Erika Reid13149440540.4262023-06-30
11Steph De Lander12968437470.4402023-07-01
12Masha Slamovich12853291791500.5442023-08-28
13KiLynn King1281196961000.4902023-09-09
14Heather Reckless126013875630.5432023-07-29
15Killer Kelly1242163611020.3742023-08-28
16Savannah Evans12412121081040.5092023-08-28
18Alisha Edwards11113291381910.4192023-09-08

World Wonder Ring Stardom: Women

  NameEloMatchesWinsLossesWin PctLast Match
2Megan Bayne15319973260.7372023-08-13
3Nanae Takahashi15179285473810.5892023-08-18
4Giulia [NJPW STRONG Women’s]149113565700.4812023-09-09
5Utami Hayashishita147410977320.7062023-09-03
7Mayu Iwatani [IWGP Women’s]14652401361040.5672023-09-03
8MIRAI [Wonder Of Stardom]14277540350.5332023-09-09
9Tam Nakano [World Of Stardom]140616078820.4882023-09-09
10Saya Kamitani13989448460.5112023-09-03
11Momo Watanabe138119294980.4902023-09-03
14Saori Anou136713578570.5782023-09-09
15Mariah May13584824240.5002023-09-02
16Saki Kashima [High Speed]135012857710.4452023-09-03
17Konami 1337194731210.3762023-09-03
20Risa Sera13162891681210.5812023-09-03
22Natsuko Tora130910437670.3562023-08-27
23Mei Seira13017431430.4192023-08-19
24Xena 12965821370.3622023-06-25
25Mina Shirakawa128911743740.3682023-09-02
26Suzu Suzuki1274183811020.4432023-09-09
27Ami Sourei12466627390.4092023-09-02
30Ram Kaicho12157837410.4742023-07-09
31Starlight Kid120615765920.4142023-09-09
32Fukigen Death, Kaori Yoneyama11559955074880.5102023-08-19
35Rina [Future Of Stardom]10908124570.2962023-08-18
36Saya Iida104012232900.2622023-08-18
37Miyu Amasaki1032405350.1252023-08-27
38Yuna Mizumori974187831040.4442023-08-18
39Momo Kohgo9328818700.2052023-09-03
42Waka Tsukiyama719834790.0482023-08-27
43Lady C71311981110.0672023-08-18

AEW All In’s drop count was 72,265, according to local government

In response to a public records request about the attendance for AEW All In on August 27, the Freedom of Information office for the Brent Civic Centre responded today:

“The actual numbers registered entering [Wembley] Stadium through the turnstiles was 72,265 – this is reflective of what attended on the night and not the total number of tickets sold or no-shows etc.”

AEW announced the paid attendance for the event was 81,035, and called it a new worldwide record for pro wrestling.

The final estimate from WrestleTix of tickets distributed for All In was 83,131.

Wrestlenomics was told by a source that a typical AEW event has a drop count (also known as a “turnstile count”) that is about 80% to 90% of the paid attendance or tickets distributed. In this case, 72,265 is 87% of 83,131 (estimated tickets distributed) and 89% of 81,035 (announced paid attendance).

“Turnstile count” or “drop count” simply refers to the number of tickets scanned as attendees enter the building, not necessarily as they go through physical turnstiles which many venues don’t use.

The turnstile count for WWE’s Wrestlemania 32 in 2016 in Arlington, Texas, was higher than All In’s number. The number of fans who entered the building for Wrestlemania 32 was 80,709, according to the Arlington Police, a number more than 8,000 higher than 72,265.

It’s unclear how suite attendees may weigh into the numbers for either event.

WWE’s public disclosures of quarterly average attendance (reported both with and without Wrestlemania) put the range for Wrestlemania 32’s paid attendance somewhere between 73,711 and 85,888. WWE famously announced 101,763 attendees, a number Vince McMahon later admitted included “ushers and ticket takers and all of that”. Nonetheless, it’s unclear whether All In 2023 or Wrestlemania 32 had the higher number of ticket sales.

Wrestlemania 3 in Pontiac, Michigan in 1987 is in the conversation, too, for verifiable most-attended pro wrestling events ever — outside of North Korea. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported paid attendance for Wrestlemania 3 was 75,800 and total attendance was about 78,000. Though, if the event was a sell-out, I believe the number could be higher.

The request and response related to All In can be read on whatdotheyknow.com, a website that helps visitors request information from United Kingdom government entities. You can find at least one other case on the site, from 2018, when the same government entity provided an attendance number for an event at Wembley Stadium.

The Brent Civic Centre provides public services for the Brent London Borough, where Wembley Stadium is located.

The following edits were made on Sept. 14, 2023: 1) A paragraph was added explaining the meaning of “turnstile count”. 2) 72,265 as a percentage of tickets distributed (83,131) was corrected to 87%; it was previously incorrectly represented as 89%, which is the drop count (72,265) as a percentage of announced paid attendance (81,035).

Brandon Thurston


Brandon Thurston has written about wrestling business since 2015. He’s also worked as an independent wrestler and trainer.

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AEW Key Performance Indicators, 2023 Q1 🌏

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This is to accompany a new episode of Josh Nason’s Punch Out that I’m appearing on to discuss AEW’s business in Q1 2023.

About the data

P2+ data for Dynamite and Rampage are sourced from Nielsen and represent viewership of people ages 2 and above, averaged by minute throughout the duration of the program. Data represents live and same-day viewership, not including delayed (DVR) viewership. Episodes airing outside the program’s normal time slot are excluded.

P18-49 data represents same as above, except that this data represents viewership for people ages 18 to 49, a key ad demographic.

TBS & TNT viewership is sourced from Nielsen via Showbuzzdaily.com and includes all programs that appeared in Showbuzzdaily’s daily reporting of top 150 cable originals. The data has been time-adjusted for the duration of each telecast.

Top 25 cable networks data is sourced from WWE investor relations’ key performance indicator reports.

Tickets distributed data are sourced from WrestleTix estimates of ticket maps.

YouTube views data are sourced from SocialBlade.com, which provides daily data based on the differences in the all-time cumulative video view count publicly visible on the channel’s “About” page. Adjustments are made by Wrestlenomics to exclude days with negative sequential differences which coincide with the timing of videos being removed from public visibility.

Google web search data are sourced from Google Trends (trends.google.com) and represent search volume values associated with AEW’s Google Knowledge Graph relative to the highest monthly volume, standardized to 100.

Brandon Thurston has written about wrestling business since 2015. He’s also worked as an independent wrestler and trainer.

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Former writer suing WWE, says she was fired for pushing back against racist creative ideas

Photo: CT Insider

Former WWE writer Britney Abrahams is suing the company and individual staff, including executive chairman Vince McMahon, alleging “discriminatory treatment, harassment, hostile work environment, wrongful termination, unlawful retaliation… due to her race, color, and gender”.

Abrahams, who is Black, says she was wrongfully fired, purportedly for taking a commemorative chair at Wrestlemania in 2022. She alleges that reasoning was a pretext and her termination was actually in retaliation for pushing back against racist creative ideas.

Besides WWE, the complaint is levied against McMahon and current members of WWE’s writing staff: Christine Lubrano, Ryan Callahan, Jennifer Pepperman, as well as other former writers for the company, Chris Dunn, Mike Heller. Finally, Stephanie McMahon, former co-CEO, is also among the named defendants.

Abrahams began working for WWE as a temporary writer, working on Smackdown, in November 2020. She became a permanent employee in May 2021, until her dismissed in April 2022.

In the complaint filed Monday in federal court with the Eastern District of New York, Abrahams details multiple instances in which WWE allegedly had talent act out racist stereotypes and pitched other racist concepts that didn’t make it to the screen.

Abrahams described working with Bianca Belair and her interactions with fellow writer Chris Dunn, and Smackdown’s lead writer and Abrahams’ supervisor, Ryan Callahan.

[W]ithin or around Plaintiff’s [Abrahams’] first two (2) weeks of employment with WWE she shadowed a male, white, Caucasian writer, Defendant DUNN, who wrote a backstage scene for Ms. Bianca Belair (hereinafter referred to as “Ms. Belair”), a black, African American female WWE wrestler.

Upon information and belief, Ms. Belair is one of two (2) dark-skinned black, African American female wrestlers.

The said scene included offensively racist and stereotypical jargon which Plaintiff found objectionable.

By way of example, according to the script, DUNN intended Ms. Belair, the said black female WWE wrestler, to say, “Uh-Uh! Don’t make me take off my earrings and beat your ass!” which are lines based upon cruel, ugly stereotypes of dark-skinned, black women.

Plaintiff asserts that Ms. Belair uttering that line was, and still is, negatively stereotypical of race and gender, and Plaintiff found it offensive, and still finds it offensive.

Prior to the writing of this scene many of the WWE writers commonly complained that they didn’t know what to do with Ms. Belair.

As a result, Plaintiff undertook researching Ms. Belair’s background, and discovered a fascinating family tree, including an aunt who helped desegregate her high school in the 1960s, and an uncle whose contributions to science were world-renowned.

DUNN allowed Plaintiff to write a first draft of Ms. Belair’s scene, so Plaintiff included positive references to Ms. Belair’s rich family history and sent it to DUNN for feedback.

DUNN told Plaintiff that the draft “looks great. I’m going to make some edits and submit it to [CALLAHAN].”

However, DUNN subjected Plaintiff’s draft to substantial editing, including inserting the said racial and gender stereotypes.

That same night, Plaintiff complained about the racially offensive and discriminatory nature of the scene to one of her WWE superiors, Defendant CALLAHAN.

Plaintiff emailed CALLAHAN and said, “I know I’m new, I’m not trying to be disrespectful or step on [DUNN]’s or anyone’s toes, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that [Ms. Belair]’s scene includes racial jargon and offensive stereotypes, particularly her go-home line.”

Plaintiff also requested clarification for protocol on moving forward with her complaint.

In conversation with Ms. Belair the following day, Ms. Belair informed Plaintiff that she told DUNN “3 DIFFERENT TIMES THAT I DON’T WANT TO SAY THAT LINE! BUT HE NEVER LISTENS TO ME! HE PUTS THAT LINE IN EVERY WEEK.”

Ms. Belair said the script’s discriminatory line(s) made her look “ghetto.”

Plaintiff relayed this information to DUNN and politely offered to edit the line(s).

However, despite Plaintiff’s complaint, Defendants failed and/or refused to take any immediate or appropriate corrective action in response.

Plaintiff never received any form of response from CALLAHAN, verbally nor via email, and CALLAHAN never spoke to Plaintiff about her email or the line(s), or the scene.

Additionally, WWE’s failure and/or refusal to address Plaintiff’s complaint emboldened WWE employees, including DUNN and CALLAHAN, to further discriminate against and to retaliate against Plaintiff in response to her protected conduct.

By way of example, WWE kept the discriminatory line in the script. Plaintiff was scheduled to shadow DUNN on two (2) scenes that day, one of which was the said scene with Ms. Belair.

However, around halfway through the day, DUNN  informed Plaintiff that she would now shadow CALLAHAN.

When Plaintiff requested DUNN’s assistance, he told Plaintiff “YOU HANDLE IT. IT’S YOUR SCENE NOW.”

CALLAHAN showed up for the taping of Plaintiff’s scenes about 90 seconds before they went live, and he never once mentioned Plaintiff’s email.

The complaint details discussions about having Reggie dress in drag, an idea that was shot down only after a white writer pressed the issue, Abrahams says.

[I]t was discussed in the WWE writer’s Slack channel before a show, that a new wrestler, Reggie, would dress in drag complete with wig and tights, “so he could partner with Carmella, a female wrestler, in a tag-team match against other female wrestlers.”

Reggie is a dark-skinned, African American, black straight male wrestler.

Given this pitch was shared via the Slack app, Defendants MR. MCMAHON and MS. MACHON [sic], as well as other WWE higher-ups, including Mr. Pritchard, and Mr. Ed Koskey were included on the thread.

Plaintiff’s co-worker, Ms. [Andrea] Listenberger, responded to the thread, observing that putting a straight black man in drag might perpetuate harmful stereotypes that would offend viewers. 

WWE eventually scrapped the discriminatory pitch, but only in response to a white, Caucasian individual’s protected conduct in the form of Ms. Listenberger’s complaint.

Apollo Crews’ being directed to speak with a Nigerian accent is pointed to as another example of racist stereotyping.

WWE forced wrestler Apollo Crews to speak with a Nigerian accent, just because of his Nigerian lineage. Apollo Crews is a black, Nigerian-born male.

Plaintiff emailed CALLAHAN and complained about the offensive nature of the requirement for

Apollo Crews to speak with a stereotypical and exaggerated Nigerian accent.

However, despite Plaintiff’s complaint, CALLAHAN failed and/or refused to take corrective action.

As a result, CALLAHAN and WWE forced Plaintiff to require Apollo Crews to speak with a racially artificial Nigerian accent.

An idea to present Shane Thorne as a wrestler who would “hunt” and capture Reggie was outlined as well, an idea that apparently didn’t appear onscreen.

[I]n or around the spring of 2021 CALLAHAN pitched that a white Caucasian male wrestler with a “hunting” gimmick would hunt a black, male wrestler for fun.

In a nutshell, the said hunting gimmick pitch for new wrestlers, Shane Thorne, and Reggie was, “since Shane is Australian, we should make him a crocodile hunter, and instead of crocodiles, he hunts people.”

Subsequently, a storyline was pitched by CALLAHAN where Shane would capture Reggie and constantly beat him up, but Reggie would always escape after being captured. 

Holding Reggie captive in cages was also discussed.

Plaintiff found CALLAHAN’s pitch highly offensive and objectionable.

Plaintiff again objected to her superior’s racially motivated misconduct, specifically stating that a gimmick where a white man hunting a black African American man for sport is racist.

CALLAHAN laughed and sarcastically responded, “OH, WHAT? IS THAT A BAD THING?”

CALLAHAN’s comments and conduct had the purpose and effect of humiliating and intimidating Plaintiff, and dramatically altered her work environment for the worse.

As the WWE writing team’s sole person of color, Plaintiff was devastated that none of her white, Caucasian co-workers stepped in to complain about this discriminatory and offensive pitch.

Afterwards, Plaintiff spoke with Mr. [Brian] Parise, a white, Caucasian WWE writer, who revealed that he agreed with Plaintiff that the pitch was racist, but he felt too nervous to speak up about it in front of CALLAHAN.

Abrahams alleges in the early months of her WWE tenure she was discriminated against by Jennifer Pepperman, which she raised to Human Resources.

PEPPERMAN discriminatorily treated Plaintiff and other black, and African American WWE employees poorly compared to their similarly-situated white, and Caucasian counterparts.

PEPPERMAN routinely and unjustifiably raised her voice at Plaintiff, and made rude comments about Plaintiff and other black, and African American WWE employees.

PEPPERMAN would just snap at Plaintiff and her similarly situated black, African American counterparts, or deliberately berate them in front of everyone else.

PEPPERMAN had zero patience for Plaintiff and her similarly situated black, African American counterparts.

PEPPERMAN’s tone and countenance routinely differed from when she spoke to or engaged with Plaintiff’s white, Caucasian counterparts.

PEPPERMAN’s comments and conduct were discriminatory, given she did not treat white, and Caucasian WWE employees in this manner.

PEPPERMAN’s comments and conduct had the purpose and effect of humiliating and intimidating Plaintiff, and their severity and pervasiveness dramatically altered Plaintiff’s work environment for the worse.

However, despite Plaintiff’s complaint, WWE failed to take any immediate or appropriate corrective action in response.

Abrahams says she wasn’t the only Black woman who was wrongly fired from WWE’s writing staff, which, she says, led to an investigation. Abrahams details being interviewed by HR but says, again, her concerns weren’t heard.

In or around November 2021, a black female writer’s assistant was fired after reporting WWE lead writer, CALLAHAN for creating a racially hostile environment against African American employees.

Shortly thereafter WWE questioned Plaintiff about her experiences with CALLAHAN, purportedly pursuant to an investigation into the said black female writer’s assistant’s protected conduct.

Plaintiff was asked if she “witnessed or was the victim of harassment on the creative writing team.”

Plaintiff described the discrimination and hostile work environment she had been subjected to by PEPPERMAN and had witnessed by PEPPERMAN towards other minority employees.

At a different time, Plaintiff received a call from WWE Human Resources representatives. They said, “It was brought to our attention that you called some pitches racist, and I want to know if it was directed at you or a part of direction for a storyline?”

Plaintiff told them it was for a storyline but that it came from WWE lead writer CALLAHAN, so it really shouldn’t have been said once, let alone twice, no matter serious or in jest. Plaintiff told them it was an offensive “joke.”

However, WWE Human Resources kept repeating, “but was it said about you?”

WWE never agreed that it shouldn’t have been said at all by someone of authority.

WWE also never asked if Plaintiff was okay after hearing those racist and sexist pitches.

Abrahams says Callahan made casual “racially discriminatory comments”  about a Muslim wrestler. The complaint doesn’t make clear who the wrestler was but goes on to detail a “love storyline” pitch she made with Sylvers. Abrahams says she and Sylvers were the only Black writers on the team at the time. The storyline would involve wrestlers Aliyah, Mansoor, and Angel Garza.

Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff pitched that Mansoor has a secret that he’s keeping from Aaliyah [sic].

CALLAHAN disagreed with the secret Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff wanted for the character.

Instead, CALLAHAN suggested, “how about his secret is he’s behind the 9/11 attacks?”

Ms. Sylvers nervously laughed and said, “let’s not do that. Let’s talk about the other part of the pitch.”

CALLAHAN said, “Oh, I guess you’re the lead writer now.”

Ms. Sylvers again laughed nervously, and said, “for just this moment so we can talk about something else.”

Following this, whenever a writer asked CALLAHAN a question, he would reply, “ask [Ms. Sylvers], she’s the lead writer now.”

CALLAHAN’s comments and conduct in this regard were clearly discriminatory given Plaintiff’s similarly situated white, Caucasian counterparts were not treated in this manner.

Additionally, HELLER shared a sexist pitch for a Muslim female wrestler wherein the said female wrestler lacked authority over her own mind and body.

Again, Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff created a love storyline between wrestlers, Aaliyah, Mansoor, and Angel Garza.

In this pitch, Aaliyah and Mansoor were meant to fall in love, while a jealous Angel tries to break them up. The pitch made Aaliyah appear intelligent and confident in herself and desires, containing Aaliyah speaking up for herself against both Angel and Mansoor, and having her love and affection earned.

Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff pitched this storyline to HELLER, who expressed confusion about Aaliyah and her choices, particularly her never wanting to be with Angel, who is the obvious villain in the story. HELLER was also confused that Aaliyah wasn’t “crying on the stairs after her breakup with Mansoor.”

HELLER then counter-pitched that Plaintiff make the storyline a love triangle objectifying and bimbofying Aaliyah. HELLER’s sexist counter-pitch included Angel being forward and aggressive in his efforts to date Aaliyah, Aaliyah being easily swayed by Angel’s evil tactics, and Aaliyah being confused about which guy she should date, oscillating between the two men until the end of the storyline.

HELLER and CALLAHAN made these discriminatory comments while Plaintiff and other female black, African American employees were in his presence in the writer’s room.

HELLER’s and CALLAHAN’s comments and conduct were clearly discriminatory.

Plaintiff immediately complained about these racially discriminatory comments.

Plaintiff spoke up and asked, “Doesn’t that take away Aaliyah’s agency?”

Plaintiff told HELLER that she wanted to make a pitch that was “more feminist, especially because Aaliyah’s character is already marketed as being ‘super-hot.’”

Plaintiff along with a number of her co-workers, including Ms. Sylvers and Mr. [Chad] Barbash also complained about the discriminatory nature of their lead writers’ comments.

This led to Abrahams and Sylvers meeting with Christine Lubrano, WWE’s senior vice president of creative writing.

LUBRANO met with Plaintiff and Ms. Sylvers and deliberately downplayed HELLER’s and CALLAHAN’s discriminatory remarks by claiming that she “heard it was a joke. And wacky things are said in the writer’s room all the time!”

When Plaintiff indicated that, “it doesn’t make it okay,” LUBRANO responded, “I know but look at the waves we’re making in the company. 4 years ago, no woman worked on the writer’s team!”

LUBRANO followed up and told Plaintiff she was doing a great job and that “[Pritchard], [MR. MCMAHON], and [MS. MCMAHON] love [Plaintiff’s] writing. But [Plaintiff] should be careful to pick and choose [Plaintiff’s] battles.”

The remainder of the complaint outlines Abrahams’ firing after taking a commemorative chair at Wrestlemania in April 2022.

She says Pepperman told the writer’s room they could take a chair after the event was over. Another writer, Michael Kirshenbaum said that writers were allowed to take chairs at the prior year’s Wrestlemania, according to Abraham, and Pepperman recounted another employee checking a chair at the airport.

Multiple white male employees took chairs as they left Wrestlemania, Abrahams claims, but they weren’t reprimanded.

Abrahams says her firing on or about April 7, 2022, for purportedly taking a commemorative chair wasn’t the real reason for her dismissal. She alleges she “was targeted for a pretextual termination by WWE’s executive management team and her direct supervisors.”

Abrahams says she had trouble finding employment after leaving WWE “due to Defendants’ discrimination and defamatory statements regarding her work performance.”

Abrahams is seeking an award of damages in an amount to be determined at trial.

We reached out to WWE for comment but haven’t received a response.

Abrahams is represented by the Cochran Firm.

Brandon Thurston has written about wrestling business since 2015. He’s also worked as an independent wrestler and trainer.

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